Bruno in California- ADOPTED!!

Bruno is home!!! He’s been adopted by an awesome family. He has a new mom, dad and two human siblings. He is an only dog but no worries…he is loving getting all the attention to himself. His new family has Frenchie experience and use to have a Frenchie around the same size as Bruno. We know this sweet boy is in great hands and is getting lots of love from his new family. Congratulations to Bruno for finding his furever!


Forget what that song says… around here, we absolutely talk about Bruno!


Hello! I’m Bruno. The numero Uno. Well, just take a look at my pictures. Natural good looks, huh!? I’m a handsome fellow. About a foot tall with amber eyes that will melt your heart. I’m about 22 months old. Yes, you read that right. I’m looking to be your leading man.


I am a social butterfly. I am so well behaved; my foster staff takes me everywhere. I like dogs, kids, and walks where I can meet other dogs and kids. What I don’t really care for are cats. I don’t understand them. At all. They’re weird and they like to run when I chase them. Rude. I prefer to stick with people (they are much more civilized than cats). Speaking of things I like to chase, I LOVE TO CHASE THE GARDEN HOSE! That’s some good clean fun (see what I did there?).


I’m looking for someone that will let me cuddle and sit on the couch with them. Maybe we can binge watch something on Netflix! When we need snacks, I will follow you to make sure you get my order right. I am also reallllly good at sitting on your feet. It’s my talent. You’ll see. Speaking of things I’m good at, I am good on a leash, sitting, not barking at people if we are outside, shaking hands with my fans, fetching toys, sharing my toys, and frolicking about in the yard with my foster friends. I am also housebroken and am really good at using that thing the people call a “doggy door.”


You want to know what I don’t like? Waiting for my food. Sometimes I’ll bark in excitement when I hear you getting it ready. Then I’ll gobble it down right away! 


Also, don’t try sneaking away from me because I’m known to place my paw on you to make sure you are where you should be- beside me! I don’t especially love being alone so would love a stay-at-home parent or at least a midday visit from someone to give me some attention.


So go ahead and fill out the form. You know you want me. I need to get back to my fans. Have your people call my people.