Brutski in Kentucky– ADOPTED!!

We are so excited for Brutski!! He has been adopted and by a wonderful family. He has an awesome new mom, dad, human sister and two doggie siblings. He already is very loved and spoiled and is livin’ the high life. Congratulations to Brutski and his forever family!


Looking for a sweet gentleman....then look no further. Brutski is a fun loving, distinguished 8-year-old male. He loves meeting people and gets along with other dogs. Slow introductions are needed for this fella because he starts off with a dominant nature. Brutski was surrendered by family members when his owner could no longer provide him with the basic needs of pet ownership. He had very little vet care and was eating very low-grade dog food and shredded cheese.

Overall, Brutski is a healthy boy. He did, however, require dental care while in foster care and may require more in the future. He was also neutered recently and has an enlarged prostate. Due to these reasons, he dribbles urine and wears a belly band. We are hopeful with time and a round of antibiotics that his prostate will shrink and his dribbling will be eliminated but there is no guarantee. He could possibly need to wear a belly for the rest of his life or down the road, need to see a veterinarian to determine if any medications would help. He will go to the door and ask to go out but if you miss it, he will sometimes poop in the house.

Brutski is social guy around people and likes to visit and say, “Hello.” He has never in his life been around young children, so we recommend a home with children over 8. He gets along with other dogs but would do best living with another calm, nondominant dog. Apparently, in his previous home he killed a guinea pig, so the adoptive home must have no other small pets including cats. He has a high prey drive and will chase just about anything outside.

He loves walks, naps, and riding in the car. He also loves sitting on the couch watching TV with his family. He still has a good amount of energy for play. He enjoys chewing on bones and toys, as well as a good wrestling match with his people. He will follow you everywhere you go around the house. He would love someone who works from home or is home a lot because he does not like to be left in his crate. He gets upset and anxious when he is left and will sometimes mark the side of the pen when alone. Every so often, he will bark to be let out.

In his last home, we were told he jumped out of a car window twice. Therefore, it will be required that his adoptive home provide him with a pet seatbelt or crate for car rides. Brutski has a high prey drive so if his adoptive home does not have a fenced yard, then he must ALWAYS be harnessed and leashed when outside. He will chase anything from frogs to cows and everything in between. He also thinks the vaccum is the devil and will try to bite it and bark at it until it is turned off.

Brutski has had a rough life up until now. He has been beaten up by other dogs and has at some point suffered broken front legs. He deserves a loving stable home where he will get the positive attention and love from his family. He also deserves a home where he will get regular vet visits, healthy dog food and a comfy bed. He would love an understanding home that is willing to keep working with him on his issues...a family who is understanding that it takes him 10-15 minutes to use the bathroom outside because he has to mark everything. If you think this sweet cuddly guy might fit your lifestyle, please fill out his adoption application.