Bubblegum in Arizona— ADOPTED!!

Bubblegum has been adopted by a wonderful new family! She has three new Frenchie siblings to play with and love. Her forever family is already completely smitten with her and are thrilled that they were chosen to adopt her. We are certain that Bubblegum is going to be very spoiled and loved in her fur-ever home!

Our little Bubblegum is happy to announce her availability for adoption! She has come a long way in a short time and although she still has many issues to deal with in her future, she is ready for the perfect family to help her through it all!


Bubblegum has a spicy personality and loves to play with other dogs. She gets along great with the dogs in her foster home, big and small. She hasn't known cats yet but would probably try to play with them as well. She is still working on bulking up from being a skinny little gal when she joined the rescue and is ravenous at every meal. Her eating needs to be strictly monitored so she is getting plenty of calories of good quality food.


Bubblegum came to us with severe gastrointestinal issues. She has had 5 rectal prolapses followed by a major surgery which included resecting a part of her colon to prevent further prolapse. She also had a coloplexy at that time, which is a procedure where the colon is tacked to the abdominal wall to prevent future prolapses. She was diagnosed through biopsies with Boxer Colitis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease of both the small and large intestine. She will need treatment, Rx, and monitoring of these issues for the remainder of her life.


Ms. Gum also has mild cherry eye in both eyes. This may or may not need to be addressed in the future—it will depend on the opinion of the vet she is in the care of. She also has luxating patellas (floating knee caps) in both knees, which will likely require surgical correction in the future. It will depend on how her knees do as she grows. Because of her knees, she has a bit of an awkward gait, but she is not in any pain.


Potty training for Bubblegum has been slow going....as you can imagine her GI issues make it a challenge for her. She is working on her potty manners but will need a home who is patient and understanding.


Despite the truckload of medical challenges Bubblegum has had in her short life, she has an amazing attitude and a fighting spirit. She doesn't shy away from a challenge. She has a big personality and will let you know if she is displeased with her situation. She truly is a special little gal and will make a great addition to the right family.


If you feel you can manage her medical needs and you think she would fit well in your home, please apply.