Buddy Memorial

We have some very sad news to share. Buddy’s forever family sadly informed us that he passed away earlier this month. Below is a memorial his mom sent us to share with the Village:


“I wanted to update you on Buddy. We adopted him in April 2011 from your organization. He was 5 years old. Sadly, yesterday May 2 we had to have him put down. He was 15 years old!

He was a wonderful family member. So sweet and loving and silly. He helped my daughter so much with her anxiety and was a beloved part of our family. He always greeted us with affection and never wanted to be apart from us. Our home is so empty and quiet without him.

In the end he developed a mass on his spleen which we had removed in Feb 2021 - he did well for a few months post surgery until the last couple of weeks. He also developed glaucoma, was fully blind and deaf, arthritis, and couldnt control his bowels. The decision was hard for us as we love him so much, but we did not want him to suffer any longer.

Thank you again for blessing us with this beloved little boy. I have attached a couple photos for you to see of him taken recently. He was and will always be the best dog ever. We absolutely adored him and miss him enormously.

With loving thanks,


Buddy, you are gone but will obviously never be forgotten by your loving family. RIP sweet boy…until you meet your family again one day.