Buster Posey Forever Home Update

Buster Posey’s forever mom shared with us the love story of a boy and his pee pads (as pictured below). Lol!!


“Here’s Buster Posey (FKA Patches) saying hello. We just celebrated 4 years (and 739463628 pee pads) with him. He’s such a funny little angel boy and we love him dearly. And he loves to pee in the living room - haha. (He’s been to the vet many times for this- it’s not medical. He’s very healthy. We’ve hired a behaviorist- no luck. I work from home and he goes outside every hour on the hour- doesn’t matter. It’s just his quirk… and so we embrace it!)”


His mom also had this to say about sweet Buster:


“He greets each day like it’s his first… by that I mean, he gets extremely excited about the exact same (minuscule) things everyday… like everything is ‘brand new’ to him. It’s very sweet. He does not love car rides- they stress him out- we don’t do them. Buster loves dinner time, and then loves to sit on the couch with his humans. We invite him to sleep in the human bed every night, but he prefers his mini Sealy memory foam bed on the floor. He wakes me daily at 4am to potty. He loves eating blueberries (and his own poop, unfortunately). He is quirky- perfectly imperfect- and loving, and lovable. And he’s wearing his “older years” quite beautifully. Our lives are absolutely richer, more comical, and filled with lots of love because Buster owns us.”


Buster you sound like one funny little guy! You definitely own your family and have them wrapped around your paw. 🙂 We are so thrilled to hear this update and just how well Buster is doing. Thanks to his family for giving him so much love!