Buzz’s Shooting Star

If you see a shooting star tonight, please wave.
It is our Buzz hitching a ride to heaven.
You see, shooting stars come down to pick up passengers who are ready, then they shoot back up to heaven.
Fast enough for the passengers to giggle, but too fast for us to see.

Buzz, whose health was a challenge from the start, developed a neurological condition. FBV kept steady, until Buzz began to decline so rapidly, that he asked us to let him go.

With Eilene by his side, and Adam and Emily and I doing our best to hold each other together, while being too far from where we wanted to be, Buzz hailed his taxi. Then, thanked us for holding him, all eight hands together, at moments along the way.

Good night little man, you can pee on Jellie Beanz’s bed again anytime you want!
-Karen & Jellie