Cabbage in Nevada- ADOPTED!

Cabbage has been adopted by an amazing forever dad! She not only has this awesome new dad to love but she also has a new Frenchie brother. Cabbage is already fitting in spectacularly in her new residence; it’s like she has always been part of the family. She is one lucky gal!


Welcome Cabbage to the available page! She is a gluten free veggie full of energy and spunk. Cabbage is ready for a busy, active family to take her on a couple walks a day. She also will do zoomies around your house and gather every toy she can put in her mouth and pile them into her space.


This happy, sturdy girl came to FBV from another rescue. Although sweet and friendly, she had no rules or boundaries in her previous home. She has learned some basic rules while in foster care; however, she needs more guidance and training. House training and basic obedience will need to be continued in her forever home as well as weekly baths to keep the itchies away, mainly on her paws.


Cabbage will require a securely fenced yard for her own safety. Her “here” command is not 100%, and she should never be walked off leash. She also can cause some mischief if left unattended with mouth sized items on the floor. Keeping floors picked up will be very important for her well-being.


Cabbage enjoys relaxing with her toys in her crate but can sometimes be protective of them in the crate with other dogs around, so her foster mom removes them often to prevent any issues. Outside of her crate she is fine with her toys. Cabbage lives for toys and has quite the fetish for stuffy toys! She also loves her food bowl and will bulldoze another dog over to get to the food. She is best fed separately to allow everyone to eat in peace.


Although Cabbage loves to play with other dogs, she really enjoys playing with dogs larger than herself. Same sized dogs are okay, but she is a bit rough in play so dogs under her weight of 26 pounds are not preferred. She plays long and hard so another active dog in her forever home would be fantastic. Children seem to be of little interest to her, but she will jump up on small children out of excitement so older (ages 10+) children are best.