Cali in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Cali has found her forever home and it is amazing! She has a wonderful new mom and dad and a human brother. She also has a couple new doggie siblings and a kittie sibling too. Cali is super excited about her new home having a fenced yard and is thrilled that her mom works from home so she will rarely be home without a human around. We couldn’t be happier for Cali and her family. We know that they will be sharing many awesome memories together!

Cali came into FBV with diagnosed scoliosis. We consulted with a neurologist, and they recommended an MRI. In August 2021, her MRI was completed, and we found out that Cali also has syringomyelia (you can read more about her condition here: Because of her neurological issues, Cali will be under the care of a neurologist and on daily meds for the rest of her life. We are unsure what Cali's future holds on the medical side, so her forever family will need to be prepared to provide her ongoing care and know that she may have a shorter life span than other dogs. Cali also had a pretty bad bout of loose stools, but she has been switched over to a prescription food and has been doing really well on it. The monthly price of her meds is around $40, and her food is around $100/bag.


Now that the business side is taken care of… let’s get to the fun stuff!


Cali is a typical puppy… She loves to run, play, and wrestle with her foster siblings. She LOVES other dogs but is still learning socialization skills. She can be a bit rough, so we recommend a fur sibling that is tolerant and willing to deal with a little bit of crazy. She is crate trained but not quite fully house trained. Her new family will need a nice fenced-in backyard for Cali to continue her house training. She doesn’t wear a harness often as it seems to cause her some pain. She enjoys her bones and food in the crate and sleeps in there when she's not supervised.


Cali is also a professional snuggler! She even whispers secrets in your ear via nibbles. She likes to curl up and lay her head right on your hip to make sure you stay close. She is a sweet and loving little girl! Don’t let her medical challenges deter you from applying. Yes, she will need lifelong medical care. She also could bring you tons of joy and happiness. Often times our medical needs available fosters get looked over quickly; when ultimately, they deserve and want the same love and affection as any other dog.