Carmen in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Carmen has been adopted by a loving forever family. She will have two new pawrents and a Frenchie sister to love her!! We are absolutely thrilled for them and cannot wait to hear of all the new adventures this wonderful family shares together.


Carmen, who earned her name because of dancing and prancing when spoken to, is looking for her forever!!! She is approximately 3-4 years of age and was a breeder surrender. She was initially scared of everything when she came into rescue, but now new things are exciting to her. She loves her new life and acts like a puppy. However, like most puppies, if left unattended she will get into trouble, so she is not allowed to be left loose in the house when no one is home. She prefers to not be crated but needs to be in one as she is an expert at escape. She does do okay in a crate for short periods of time, so it would be best if she had someone who is home all the time or someone who can let her out of the crate at least every several hours for a break.


Carmen is only partially housebroken. She has been doing well with her potty training and will go right away when taken out but does not signal when she must go, so she still has accidents. She does better when taken out every 1-2 hours. She is improving every day, though, and will now sleep through the night without issue.


She has a couple areas of thinned fur from a bacterial infection. She is currently on antibiotics, and we suspect by the time she is adopted that the infection will be healed. Otherwise, this sweet gal is healthy.


She has done well learning her name and basic commands but is still learning “leave it.” She loves food and treats as well as playing with toys. She is a Velcro pup; she loves affection and being with her person. She likes other dogs and every human she meets. Her foster Frenchie sibling is her new BFF; Carmen does everything she does. She loves to play with her and if she isn’t ready to play, Carmen will grab her back leg and pull her out of bed. Carmen has not been around cats, so we are not sure how she would interact with a cat.


Carmen loves her newfound freedom and has such a happy personality. Everything is a new adventure for her. This adventurous spirit may be the reason for her being a runner through doors, though. Her forever home must be very careful when opening doors as she wants to run through them and would be very difficult to catch. For this reason, a fenced yard is preferred.


Carmen is an active gal but will settle when you are firm. She can be a couch potato if she is touching her person and will not require intense exercise. She has shown no aggression in her foster home but will steal toys if given a chance. She actually lets her foster sibling boss her around even though she is bigger than her.


She sleeps in a dog bed next to her foster mom’s side of the bed. She will occasionally wake to make sure her foster mom is there but then goes right back to sleep. She loves to be where her person is sitting and will move her bed to be close.


Carmen is an absolute sweetheart who loves to please. Everything is so new and interesting to her; you can see her happy eyes taking it all in. She is enjoying the good life now and will need someone who will be patient teaching her and someone who will just love her for her!!