Charlie in Pennsylvania– ADOPTED!!

Charlie has moved to her forever home! She was with her foster family for 10 months and came to the Village with aggression issues. Her foster family worked very hard with her and while with them, they learned how to manage her anxieties and aggression to the point where she could be adopted to the right home. Her new mom not only understands her special behavioral needs, but she (like Charlie’s foster family) loves her all the more for them. Charlie is one special girl and is now in her perfect forever home. We couldn’t have asked for a better forever mom for this little lady....her and Charlie are totally meant for each other!


Charlie is a beautiful, almost 3-year-old pied Frenchie. She had been in an abusive home, where someone injured her jaw and back, before being surrendered to a shelter in Massachusetts. From the shelter, she came to FBV. She was very underweight and almost feral acting when we received her in our care.


Charlie has ongoing health issues. She has possible neurological damage, as well as spinal damage and urinary incontinence. Her spinal issues cause her to experience spastic body movements.


She also has behavioral issues and HAS bitten. She is stranger wary and prefers women initially but does eventually warm up to everyone. She gets along with small female and large male dogs (she acts submissive to the large males) but is VERY food aggressive. She is toy aggressive as well but can handle toys with monitoring. She enjoys being around other dogs; however, she requires close monitoring as scuffles happen. She gives a lot of signals that she is unhappy and then attacks if not removed from a stimulating situation. She cannot handle situations with a lot of stimulation and once aroused loses control. She easily resets with separation.


Charlie guards toys and people but this has been manageable with redirection. However, her foster family has not been able to modify her significant food aggression at all. She is fed separately from the resident dogs and will 'sit' for treats but food of any kind is an automatic high stimulation and makes her immediately reactive.


While she is not aggressive, she is reactive and has many triggers. If agitated, she will bite. Although, she has shown vast improvement in this area with less intense and less frequent reaction to triggers, she will require constant monitoring and should not be around any young children AT ALL.


Charlie is a diamond in the rough. She is very affectionate and playful but requires a STRONG LEADER. She does not know correct dog behavior and must be reminded often like a puppy. She was obviously not trained a day in her life and left to her own devices being beaten and left alone when she started acting out inappropriately. This has left her with major behavioral issues, but she continues to improve every day. Her foster family practices the 'nothing in life is free' training approach with her.


She is partially housebroken. She leaks urine but does go outside to pee and poop. She will ask to go outside to go to the bathroom by running to the door, but you can see she has difficulty controlling her bladder and has to go quickly. She wears a diaper while inside. She is crate trained and leash trained. She already knows sit and come, and her foster family is working on stay, leave it and down. She requires someone who is home all day or someone who works but can provide her with a midday potty break. She should not be left for more than 4-5 hours because of her incontinence and high energy level. She also needs an adoptive home with a fenced yard.


Charlie absolutely loves toys, balls, antlers, and tug-of-war. She also loves to snuggle on the couch, but she does REQUIRE a lot of exercise (more than most Frenchies) and can easily walk 2 miles. She has learned not to pull on the leash like she is a sled dog but still has to learn to 'stop and smell the roses’ on walks. She walks like she is on a mission and loves it.


Charlie is a complete clown. She loves to be loved and cracks her foster family up with her funny personality. You must look past her spastic movements and behavioral issues and find the charm in her quirks (which she definitely has). She is bossy, bratty and demanding but just wants to be a dog. She thinks she is a guard dog and once she loves you, she is 100% yours. She is also very smart. Her foster family can see her brain working....where she will actually stop herself from reacting badly when you know that has been her ‘go to’ behavior in the past.


We believe in the right situation, Charlie will continue to improve and will make a wonderful family member for someone who is willing to give this girl strong leadership and a chance at a forever home!