Charlotte in New Jersey- ADOPTED!

Charlotte is now living it up with her forever family. She has a new mom and dad as well as a Boston Terrier sister who she is slowly warming up to. Her new family is absolutely in love with her already. She is loving all her new toys and her new yard! She is even doing really well going potty outside. We couldn’t be happier for Charlotte…she has a wonderful new home where she is being spoiled and loved tremendously!


Now, for the time you’ve all been waiting for……..Drumroll……I AM AVAILABLE!


I know you have been checking out my pictures and trying to see if I’d make a great addition to your family. I mean, take a look at me! What’s not to like?


I really do have it all. Great looks, an amazing personality and some puppy energy! I am a bit of a whippersnapper at the ripe age of 2. Yes, I’m only 2! I’ve not had too many experiences but let me tell you about what I do know so far.


I do know that I prefer small dogs. Those big ones are not my favorite things to be around. I have even been known to get reactive with them sometimes. Speaking of small, I like the little humans as much as the big humans. I’ve lived with humans but not other animals. Other animals intrigue me, and I tend to want to get in their space. I hear this can upset them. It’s not my intention but I’m still learning so I’ll need slow introductions to new furry friends. It may take me a little while to warm up to you but once I do, I won’t let you out of my sight. This means I’ll likely bring you a toy so you can play with me. I LOVE ATTENTION.  I love to play tug-of-war and fetch too. Sometimes I’ll roll like a captured alligator in a Louisiana swamp with my tug-of-war toy! I get the zoomies so would prefer a fenced yard. It took me a while to get used to going outside at my foster house, so I had a few accidents. Foster mom says I’m doing so much better and would benefit from a schedule for potty breaks. But when I “gotta go, I gotta go!” For these reasons, I really would prefer someone at least give me a midday break to do my business.


My foster mom says that I know words. I know SIT, STAY, COME and LAY DOWN. She also says that I have selective hearing when it comes to returning from outside. Funny, because I don’t remember her saying anything about coming inside. Weird. Anyway...


A couple things I’m not a fan of. The vet. Cue the creepy music from Dateline or a horror movie. Nope. Not going to change my mind. Also, that metal box we ride in to get there. Not a fan of it either. I don’t get sick but I’m also not happy. It makes me nervous. I’m not saying there is bad driving involved as much as I just don’t care to be in it. I’m not a fan of going potty while I’m on a leash (I prefer the great outdoors/yard for this).


I like to walk on a leash. I love all things shaped like tennis balls. I like my crate. I like to play dress up and put on cute clothes (what girl doesn’t?). I like to make that face where my lip gets caught on my underbite and I look like Elvis. You know the one. I like to snort like a pig. Mostly, I like to be a goofball.


What are you waiting for? You know you want to Amazon me some clothes and tennis balls. If you know we would make great shopping and play partners, apply for me! Until then, I’ve got zoomies to go do and calls to come inside to ignore!