Chase in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Chase, now Abe Lincoln, has been adopted by an amazing family! He has three wonderful human siblings and one adorable Frenchie sibling. We could not have asked for a better family to have adopted this sweet boy. He is obviously already very loved and spoiled. We cannot wait for future updates on Abe from his furever family!

Chase is a handsome 1.5-year-old Frenchie who was surrendered by his owner when the cost and time required to care for his epilepsy became too much. He is on two medications to control his seizure activity. He is still prone to seizures occasionally, but they are mostly controlled with medication. He was also seen by the vet who found that his thyroid hormone levels were too low. Now that he is on medication for this his thyroid levels are within normal limits.

Chase has no aggression issues. He loves everyone and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He is an absolute sweetheart. He is not a barker. He makes small ‘woof’ noises and that is it! He loves Nylabones and will sometimes play with a treat by shaking his head and pouncing on it. He also likes to play keep away with his foster fur brothers. He is a follower for sure but can get into mischief if not supervised. He is still quite a puppy.

He has bursts of energy and loves to do zoomies. He will require playtime and would do best playing with other dogs his size or larger as he can become overly excited. He loves to be outside but if not in a fenced area will run off. A fenced yard is not required in his forever home, but he will ALWAYS need to be kept on a leash while outside. He is leash trained so walking on a leash will not be an issue. He is also crate trained and knows the commands to “sit,” “leave it,” and “come.”

He is partially housebroken. He knows that he must potty outside and will go to the door when he needs to potty. However, his cues are very subtle. If not let out right away, he will find a place to go in the house. He does not require it but would prefer a forever person who is home all day or someone who works but can come home at lunch. Having a pet sitter/dog walker come midday to allow him a potty break is another option he wouldn’t mind.

Chase is very stubborn and requires a firm but patient family. He needs a forever family that will be able to care for and understand his medical needs. He will still have seizures from time to time and could require further medical intervention in the future.

Chase was not very affectionate when he first came to his foster home as he was not used to be loved on so much. He deserves stability and lots of love in his forever home. He will now show affection and understands that snuggles and petting is quite nice. He has come a long way in learning how to be a pet and how to behave with other dogs. He is a very sweet and happy boy…and it is infectious!!