Cheeka & Kiya in Tennessee— ADOPTED!!

Cheeka and Kiya, now Sansa and Arya, have been adopted by an amazing family. Their forever parents are already completely smitten with them and cannot imagine their world without them. The girls have a great big yard to play in with their new fur brother, Gordie, and are being completely spoiled. Per their forever mom, they are the absolute best and love snuggling. We couldn’t be more thrilled for this new family who is obviously a match made in heaven!

Cheeka and Kiya are a sweet couple of gals who are bonded and must be adopted together. They were surrendered to the Village when their previous owner/breeder went through a rough patch and was no longer able to care for them. These two love walks and toys, all toys...they are not picky…Kongs, squeaky toys, stuffies…you name it, they would take it! They will even go after the resident cat’s toys. They really love to snuggle and are good eaters, too!!!

Cheeka is relatively healthy other than some ongoing urinary issues. She is doing well about not going potty inside the house with routine but does still sometimes strain to urinate. She has been treated numerous times, but her issues are likely chronic. She may be a potential candidate for a vulvoplasty in the future. Kiya is also healthy but does have chronic allergies and skin issues. She is VERY allergic to fleas. She had a papilloma appear on her head which has taken some time to treat and is still in the process of healing.

Cheeka is a very playful girl. She loves to go for long walks and is very active for a middle-aged lady. Every morning, she and Kiya run around the house with the zoomies and jump into the dog beds, rolling around and throwing toys around. It is SO cute!!! Cheeka is a vocal girl and loves to bark with you! If you sing, she will sing right along with you. She is a good sharer and happy to laze around so long as there are toys. Cheeka loves food; she dances for her food and lets her foster mom know when it’s time for dinner. However, she loves nothing more than 1---Kiya and 2---toys.

Kiya is a lover. She wants to be in your lap…on the couch, in your bed, underneath you. She is a shadow, especially during dinner time. Most mornings, after her morning romp with Cheeka, she is found on the rug next to her foster momma as she gets ready for work. She too gets very excited for food and loves to hop to show her excitement. She also makes the funniest noises when she gets excited. Kiya is super playful. She gets the zoomies often and likes to jump at the other, bigger dogs’ faces to try to be the referee during playtime. She thinks she’s a big tough cookie with other pups, but at the end of the day she is still down to snuggle up with either them or her human depending on her mood. She loves to run around the yard and chase the other dogs as well. There are only 2 things that matter in her world: 1---Cheeka and 2---food falling from the cutting board as you prepare dinner. Well, maybe 3, if you include her human.

Sometimes Kiya and Cheeka can get a little snappy with each other if their bowls are too close to each other while they are eating. Cheeka also has defended a bone a couple times, but they are both doing well learning that these behaviors aren’t wanted. These behaviors will need to be monitored in their new home and addressed if displayed at any time by the girls.

Kiya is completely house trained. Cheeka, on the other hand, needs routine and will
go inside if not given multiple opportunities to go potty outside. Cheeka has been doing wonderfully lately, though, with not having accidents in the house. Both girls do great with routine and will whine to be let out.

The girls currently live with cats and other dogs. They are crate trained but prefer not to be crated if possible. Cheeka is leash trained. However, while Kiya is still learning not to pull on a leash, she understands the concept and follows Cheeka’s lead. They require a home with a fenced yard (as they absolutely love to run around) and prefer a home with someone who is home all day or someone who can ensure they have a mid-day potty break.

The ideal home for Cheeka and Kiya would be someone who has plenty of time to devote to them…someone who will exercise them, allow them to snuggle in their laps and spoil them. Both were so scared and unsocialized when they came into foster care. Now they are learning how to be around other dogs, how to go for walks, and how to be themselves! They are such a good representation of the French Bulldog breed in that they are so loving, playful, hilarious, and all around amazing.

Cheeka and Kiya truly love each other and this is why they must find a home together. It is very special to see dogs share their kind of bond. Cheeka and Kiya are such funny, spicy little chicken nuggets. They bring so much joy to everyday life and deserve the best home out there! If you are ready to bring two sweethearts into your life, please submit an adoption application for these lovely ladies!