Chicklett in South Carolina- ADOPTED!!

Chicklett has found her forever!! She has been adopted by two awesome moms. She also has two doggie siblings and one kitty sibling. Chicklett’s new moms have lots of experience with dogs in general. They also have Frenchie experience. They are thrilled to have welcomed Chicklett into their home and cannot wait to share lots of memories together.


Greetings and salutations! I'm Chicklett and I'm an approximately 4-year-old diva looking to meet my new assistants (forever hoomans)!


I have a checklist because there are a few things I absolutely require. Like David Letterman, here are my top 10 assistant requirements:


10.  I need someone to help me manage my allergies. My foster family/assistants aren't sure if it's where I live but I receive a Cytopoint injection every 5 weeks or so.

9.  My new assistants need patience with me in regards to potty training. It is something new for me, so I am still learning (my current assistants have me on a schedule and that's helping).

8.  My new assistants need to understand I have a lot of energy.

7.  My new assistants need to be willing to feed me in my crate or a separate area if I have fur siblings. I'm not a fan of sharing my food or toys and I've been known to give them a piece of my mind and won't back down if they try. I like chewing on bones and have saved my foster assistants from many, many toys that just seem to randomly explode with fluff going everywhere.

6.  Speaking of fur siblings. I'd prefer someone more laid back. I don't like to back down and am not afraid to stand my ground. If another dog has a bone/toy, I am stealing it and if the dog is not okay with this, then I will start a fight. I also may attack if the dog or cat comes close to me when I am chewing on a toy or lying on “my” bed. Cats are fine (if they are dog savvy) but no birds or other small critters. I would likely hurt them pretty badly. I currently live with foster dog siblings that are males. I'm not sure how I'd react to another female (she might want to borrow my shoes or something and that might get awkward!).

5.  If my new assistants have human kids, I'd prefer them to be over 10. I'm not a huge fan of a super busy home. You see I have had some kids of my own and would rather a quieter home with older children. Because I have had some litters, I should also let you know I have longer teets than other ladies.

4.  My new assistants need to know I will not share my bed. Period. Never. I've been known to mark my foster fur siblings’ beds as my own too. It wasn't a proud moment, but I accept my part in it.

3.  I'm a Velcro dog. I'll get under your feet and in your space. I love to be around people. All people. For this reason, I don’t want to be left at home too long without a human being around. Although, I am good at just chilling in my crate when my humans do need to leave the house.

2.  My new assistants need to walk me. I LOVE WALKS. I also love chasing balls in the yard (I'm not much for fetching- I didn't throw it!).

1.  I love life. When I wake up, I wake alllllll the way up!


If you think you would make the perfect assistant, please apply for the position. I'm not asking you to separate treats by colors or only give me bottled French water (but that would be a bonus for me). Serious inquiries only. My calendar gets full quickly and I need help keeping my social calendar up to date.