Chonky in Arizona– ADOPTED!!

Chonky has been adopted to his forever home. He had been adopted once before but was returned due to behavioral issues. We listed him again but got very little apps from people who we felt could handle him. His foster mom knew someone who was interested in adopting Chonky who had met him numerous times and had come to know him and his behavior issues. The adopter also lives near the foster mom so if issues arise, she will be right there to provide guidance. The adopter is single and has one other dog who Chonky has been getting along with without issue. Chonky is super happy. We couldn't be more excited for this new family and wish them all the happiness in the world!

Chonky is a gorgeous brindle 3.5-year-old boy. He was taken to the county shelter as an injured stray and then taken in by FBV. He had to have surgery to close a large laceration to his face and reattach his ear. He had to have a pretty radical left sided face lift and ear procedure. Now he has healed up and his wonky ear will always show you which way is LEFT. He sure hasn’t let that get him down; despite his ear having to be reattached, his hearing is incredible! No one will ever porch pirate a package from your front door again. He will alert you to even the quietest package drop.


He is being fostered in a home with 4 larger dogs and still seems to think “no one is the boss of me.” He is, in typical Frenchie fashion, ready to take on anyone for his favorite toy or crumb dropped on the kitchen floor. He pushes his way to the front of the line…always, even if that means going under the big dogs! We suspect his injuries may have been the result of being a bit too pushy with another dog. He is friendly with dogs but expect him to herd the animals with a mesmerizing stare, and he will always want to be the first on your lap when you sit down. Make sure any resident dogs are tolerant of this pushy boy; he will take toys and food from others. He would also be just as happy being an only dog.


A strong human leader is definitely a must for Chonky. He needs a tolerant family that will take the time to learn and respect some of his boundaries as he has bitten people before who did not respect them. He will do best for this reason in a home with no children. He needs to be fed separately from other dogs and left alone while eating. He knows to sit for his food but once you tell him it is his he takes that very seriously. His perfect match will respect that Chonky will need decompression time in a new home environment. Both of you will need to become predictable to one another and his new family will need to be patient while he figures out the sights and sounds of a new home. He is easy to win over if you always give him a command or “trick” to earn a treat.     


Chonky is extremely exuberant when meeting new people and tends to be jumpy and mouthy from excitement to every guest at your home. Ignoring him is the best way to keep him from getting overstimulated. He has been working on greeting new people with manners, but this has been his biggest challenge. He is the quintessential French Bulldog and “EXTRA” is his middle name. He is brave, pushy, loveable, playful, adorable, funny, up for anything and afraid of nothing. He is on Prozac now once a day to allow his busy little mind to focus and give him time to listen before he reacts to something. 


Chonky is very house trained and reliable inside. He knows how to use a doggy door and can be trusted inside when you are gone. He is not destructive in the house and tends to nap during the day. He will respect a baby gate or a crate if you toss in a treat, and after a little comical howl in protest, he will soon be snoring himself to sleep. He is incredibly food motivated and loves to learn tricks for treats. He picks up new tricks fast and would do anything for a snack. He knows sit, down, up, circle, crawl, high 5 with both paws, and this week he mastered a pirouette. He also has been working on muzzle training as he has needed to wear a muzzle for vet appointments and during other trigger situations. Muzzle training will need to be continued in his next home.


He came into the shelter at 39.5 pounds. He has hit his goal weight of 30 pounds now and is proud to twerk around the neighborhood showing of his new muscular rump. He looks and feels great with 25 % less Chonky to love. His likes include car rides, dinnertime, going on a W-A-L-K, and cuddling with his people. He loves his evening walks and struts around the block like a champ. 


His target stick (that magical pointer with the red ball) makes him prance for joy. He knows that it means he gets to show off his moves for a treat. His foster family takes time twice a day to practice and it is an easy way to bond with Chonky. His dislikes are as follows: landscapers; any loud machines that blow and spin; the vacuum; the garden hose; and anything that makes noise and sounds out of control…BUT the blow dryer is no problem. Offering him a treat during times he is faced with his dislikes helps him re-focus and redirect.


He will need to be watched in his new environment to see what is going to make him go “over threshold” which for him has included biting. He doesn’t like any motions such as making the bed or fluffing out the area rug. Noises such as Velcro or the plastic clips on a harness are definitely on his “no go” list. These are the little quirks that make Chonky a bit of a mystery. His new family needs to be up for learning what is on his no thank you list as well as continue with his training. Chonky will require consistent mental stimulation and physical activity to help with his behaviors, too. He MUST have a new family who has experience with dogs with behavior issues.