Clyde & Bruiser in Pennsylvania- ADOPTED!!

Clyde and Bruiser are home!! They have been adopted by an amazing mom and live with her and their new grandmother. They have no fur siblings and will get to spend a lot of time with the family as most of their time is spent at home. Their momma has Frenchie experience, so we know that as bullies they are in good hands, and we couldn’t be happier that they have found such a wonderful forever family!



LOCATION: Southeastern PA

AGE: Both are 8 years old

SEX: Males/Neutered

WEIGHT: Clyde- 57 lbs; Bruiser- 28 lbs

KIDS: Yes but only older (ages 10+), dog savvy children

OTHER DOGS: Possibly

CATS: Unknown


AVAILABLE AS OF: 05/17/2022


Clyde and Bruiser are bonded brothers that were surrendered to FBV because Clyde was having a hard time co-existing with a toddler. Clyde has severe skin allergies. He was on antibiotics and steroids for about a month and is now on Cytopoint as a maintenance medication that he will likely need for his lifetime. Clyde and Bruiser are both 8 years old; Clyde is around 57 lbs and Bruiser is 28 lbs.


Bruiser is a total couch potato. In fact, he takes up so much of the couch that his foster family has just given it to him, and they sit elsewhere! The joy of his life is to roll around on his couch, watch TV from his couch and take eternal naps, of course, on his couch. He does get the zoomies and turns the house into a racetrack. It’s the funniest to watch him as he zooms around, but as soon as he’s done - back to the couch for a recharge. Bruiser is a very vocal guy. Any noises, he’s up and giving everyone a piece of his mind. He runs to the windows to provide neighborhood watch and is always ready to be on shift. His biggest source of contention with other living beings so far seems to be the Liberty Mutual emu. That thing gets him going; we get it though, those commercials get old, fast! Bruiser loves chomping bones and spending time with his people. He loves getting scritches and playing with the skin kids in his house (over ten years old).


Clyde believes that he is the size of a teacup poodle; he loves to stuff himself into tight spaces and take glorious naps. Clyde has truly been a pleasure in his foster home; he is obedient, easy going, sweet and never gets into trouble or bothers anything around the house. Clyde loves to receive love; he comes over and sits next to you and gifts you with his presence so you can scratch him all over. That’s right, it’s his gift to you. Clyde is a bit of a scaredy dog; loud noises, sudden movements and too much activity send him running for the hills. He hides behind his foster mom and looks to her to protect and comfort him. Clyde also worries when someone walks by with something he is unfamiliar with in their hands. He can be calmed down quickly but just something to make a note of. He was also very wary of the men in the house when he first came into foster care; however, with time and patience, he loves them all dearly now.


Neither Clyde nor Bruiser are fans of crates. When left alone and at night, they are confined with a baby gate and don’t mind. They both have separation anxiety and need a family who is home often. Their current foster mom works from home, and this seems to make them both very happy. The boys like short walks and are house trained. They would do well with a backyard so they can do their business and quickly get back to their favorite activities - NAPS. When their foster family picked them up, they were at a house with another dog (a very large mastiff) and seemed to get along great and had only known each other for a day or so. Bruiser has a tendency to bark at other dogs around the complex where he lives right now. His foster family doesn’t have other pets, so we are unsure of how well he would get along with a dog (other than Clyde) in his new home. We suspect that he would prefer a more laid-back fur sibling similar to Clyde. The boys have not been around any other small animals; we are recommending none of those in their furever home.