Coco Bean in Kentucky- ADOPTED!!

Hiyah friends! My name is Coco Bean and it’s nice to meet you!


I’m looking for a new home after I was purchased by a wonderful couple out of the back of a pickup truck in a Tractor Supply parking lot. I was in such bad shape that the couple knew they needed to step in and get me to the rescue. I’m about 5-6 years old and about 20 pounds.


I will need care for my chronic dry eyes for the rest of my life, but don’t worry! I am very good for my eye drops (which are tacrolimus and cyclosporine and were prescribed by my ophthalmologist) even though I get them three times a day. When I came into rescue, I was a noisy breather but after having my nares enlarged and my soft palate shortened, my breathing is a lot better. I also had a dental and 18 teeth pulled.


My foster mom calls me the life of the party and quite the little socialite. I get along with everyone I meet! However, it may be better for me to be around older children and not babies or toddlers because my eyesight is a little bad. I just need everyone around me to understand that I can’t see as well and can get startled.


I also play rough especially when excited and wound up…and can be a bit grabby with my mouth. If my new home has other dogs, they will need to be the laid back, submissive, non-reactive type. I am not aggressive…just my behavior doesn’t come off as appropriate to other dogs. I do take direction well from my humans, though, and will stop if told to.


My foster mom says I’m a Velcro dog and love nothing more than to be around where the action is. She also thinks it would be best for me to have another dog in my new home. I am crate trained, but I prefer to be where everyone is at, especially if you are cooking! I also have no fear and love to be in charge. I play nice with others but sometimes I like my chews all to myself. Who wouldn’t?!


I know basic commands. I am leash trained and I’m getting the hang of potty training! I do best when I am on a potty schedule. I love to run and play so a fenced in yard would be best for me.


My foster mom says that I am a special little Bean, and my forever home will be so lucky to have me. My whole life until this point has been about producing puppies, so I’m excited to see what else life has to offer!