Cosmo in North Carolina– ADOPTED!!

Cosmo has been adopted by wonderful couple! He is their only pet and so will absolutely be spoiled. His new family will continue his rehab and have plans to take him for some puppy training. Cosmo is going to have quite the life. Congrats sweet boy on finding your forever family!


Cosmo is a cute 6-month-old puppy who was surrendered at 4 months old when he suffered a shattered elbow in an accident at his surrendering home. His previous owners could not afford the very expensive surgery to repair his elbow so FBV took him in to provide him with the care he needed. Cosmo’s little elbow was broken in multiple places. He underwent an emergency 5-hour surgery to repair the fracture and now has multiple bone pins and a screw stabilizing his elbow.


Cosmo's neuter is scheduled for June 9th, and he will be ready to head to his new home mid-June after he recovers from surgery. He also has ongoing orthopedic and allergy issues. The issues are described below:

  • Orthopedic: Cosmo could possibly need another surgery to remove the bone pins surrounding his elbow. He will need follow up visits with an orthopedic surgeon to monitor his surgical repair to determine if his pins will need to be removed. Applicants must have access to a quality orthopedic surgeon.

Cosmo will also need continued physical therapy. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT FOR THE ADOPTIVE FAMILY. FBV will require the adopters to provide weekly physical therapy at least until he is one year old. Applicants will need to have access to a professional rehab facility and must list this facility in the adoption application for consideration.

Cosmo will likely have arthritis due to the nature of his surgery. Applicants should be aware and prepared to deal with this in the future.

  • Allergies: Cosmo is currently experiencing allergies, as well as a mild skin infection. He was seen by the vet and given Bravecto for parasites and a short course of Prednisone (for relief) and an antibiotic. Because of his age, the vet is reluctant at this time to say he has environmental allergies, but it is not being ruled out. His adoptive home should be prepared to address his skin issues.


Cosmo's elbow injury will require special considerations in his forever home. There can be no gates or x-pens where he is left alone. Cosmo will not be adopted to a home that plans to use an x-pen or other gated area. He does not like to be left alone and broke his elbow trying to escape his gated area.


His adoptive home MUST agree to providing dog stairs or a ramp to couches and other elevated areas. He must NEVER be allowed to jump off a couch or bed. Cosmo’s repaired elbow will never be 100%, and he could injure himself very seriously if allowed to jump. In addition, Cosmo still walks with a limp. His limp becomes even more exaggerated when he is tired or has played too much.


Cosmo has not reached a point where he can navigate stairs on his own. Stairs in a home must be gated or inaccessible to Cosmo. He can SLOWLY handle a few stairs while on leash only.


Cosmo is crate trained but barks constantly if left alone in the crate during the day. An adoptive home with people who work from home or are home most of the day is preferred. Cosmo needs to be crated when he is left alone...he must never be allowed to be on the couch or other elevated surfaces unattended. He is very curious and always getting into things that he shouldn't. Cosmo is still a baby himself. He needs to be closely watched at all times so that he doesn't get himself into trouble.


Cosmo is hesitant meeting new people and will occasionally give a growl if he is uncertain. He is also very protective of his space and will bark at any passersby that he sees. Cosmo loves the people that he knows and loves his routine. However, he is a nippy, playful puppy, so a home with younger children is not recommended.


Cosmo is good with other dogs but does not care for other dogs bothering him during mealtime. He has instigated an argument or two with the resident dogs when they have gotten too close to him while eating. He has not been tested with cats, birds, or other small animals.


He is mostly housebroken. He has a potty routine and goes outside for potty time frequently throughout the day. He is a puppy and does have an occasional accident in the house. Cosmo sleeps in his crate at night, and promptly lets his foster parents know when he needs to potty in the morning. While he is crate trained, he prefers not to be crated.


Cosmo is used to leash walking so a fenced yard is not required. He is a great walker and enjoys daily walks...of course in the morning before it gets hot or in the evenings after it cools off. Cosmo is a typical Frenchie puppy. He is curious, stubborn, full of energy and life, and when he is done going a million miles an hour, he turns into a lazy frog who prefers to take his naps in the sunny spots. Cosmo plays hard and sleeps harder and then does it all over again all day long. Cosmo also thinks he is big and tough and loves to bark at the neighborhood dogs when they walk by.


Cosmo loves his toys. He loves to chew antlers and bones and will chew his squeaky toys until the squeaker has worn out. He also enjoys a great game of tug and considers anything dragging on the floor fair game for tugging.


Cosmo has been through so much in his short life, but he is so resilient and strong-willed. He amazes his foster mom every day by how far he has come. He loves his people hard and is very loyal to the people he knows. He also loves his doctors and his physical therapists. He works so hard at rehab and has made an amazing recovery. There was concern that he would never be able to use his injured leg again, and now he is a playful puppy who can run in the yard and chase toys.


He deserves the very best and a wonderful home where he will be loved and the center of attention. He also deserves owners who understand his needs and can provide him with everything required for him to continue to thrive. If Cosmo sounds like the dog for you, please apply!