Daisy in Virginia– ADOPTED!!

Daisy has been adopted by an awesome forever mom! She is an only dog, so she is getting all her new momma’s attention and she loves it. Daisy’s mom is quite experienced with dogs having worked with dogs and having some of her own. We know that Daisy is in the best of hands. Congratulations to this new, wonderful family!


Spring has sprung just in time for our beautiful Daisy to make the available page!


Who’s ready to pick this Daisy?!


Daisy is a 1.5-year-old, 19lb female being fostered in Virginia. She came into rescue when an animal welfare league contacted FBV and said they had a tiny, sweet Frenchie with paralysis in the back end. As usual, our amazing team jumped into action and took possession of Daisy and got her into the Neurologist. Way back in November, Daisy had an MRI, IVDD was confirmed, and she was taken into surgery. She has regained use of her back legs; however, she is still pretty wobbly. She will need ongoing therapy in order to continue to build strength in those legs.


Daisy is timid when new people enter her life, but as soon as she realizes she’s safe, she warms up to them. She has not been around children, but older kids would be okay if they are willing to give her space and be extra careful with her because of her back injury. She is good with other dogs but currently in her foster home she is the only dog and is perfectly content! She has not been around small animals and has shown a strong prey drive with wild animals outdoors (squirrels, etc.), so we suggest no cats. She has learned a lot of commands in her foster home! She knows “sit,” “stay,” “leave it” and “come”! She’s such a smart girl who is eager to please her people. She is crate trained but it is not her favorite place to be.


Because of her spinal injury, Daisy does experience incontinence and has to be diapered at night. She has a lot of accidents in the house, but her foster family continues to correct her and teach her the proper location to use the bathroom. She will need a family that is very understanding of her limitations and willing to continue her therapy and training.


Daisy is what we call a “Velcro dog.” She LOVES her humans and follows them around everywhere! She loves couch snuggles, chewing her bones and the occasional tennis ball. She would like a family where someone is home most of the day as she longs to be close with her humans. Daisy has been through so much, but she certainly still has zest for life. She has really come out of her shell in the past few months. She does a little dancy dance for meals and chases her ball all over the place!