Demi in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Demi has been adopted!!! We are so excited for her! Her foster family asked FBV if they could adopt the sweet girl and of course, we said yes. She is with the most loving family, and we are thrilled that she gets to spend the rest of her days with a family who cares so much about her. We couldn’t have asked for better for Demi! She is one lucky lady!

Demi has made her way to FBV!! Demi was found as a stray and wasn’t microchipped. She is estimated to be around 5 years old. Her foster mom noticed that after about 10 steps, Demi had a very dry cough. She leaked urine as she coughed and at one point even fainted. She would get tired and out of breath easily as well.


Her foster mother brought her straight to the vet. What was found breaks our hearts. Bloodwork showed that she is positive for heartworms with x-ray confirming it. Demi is in stage 3-4 for heartworms and has fluid in her abdomen. Demi has most likely had heartworms for years as some worms have completed their cycle and died. On top of this, she has a tumor in her lung and one near her stomach. She has a hernia from multiple C-sections. She has a mast cell tumor on her rear end. Her heart is enlarged, and her lungs are cloudy and filled with fluid. She is not a candidate for surgery and will not survive heartworm treatment.


So what do we do? She is on LASIX and prednisone to give her some relief, and her foster mother has vowed to show her love, compassion, and comfort until the very end while she remains in FBV’s care as a hospice foster.


Demi is a cuddly girl who loves to be next to her person. She LOVES to be smothered in hugs, kisses and compliments….what girl doesn’t like hearing she is beautiful! She adores children (especially the little ones that are obsessed with her and don’t leave her alone) – the more attention the better for Demi! She also gets along great with other dogs and cats.


She loves soft beds…the softer the better! She is crate trained and will go into her crate readily if you point to it and say “in.” She is mostly potty trained except sometimes she leaks urine when coughing or breathing heavily. She also eats well but won’t eat her dry food unless you add a spoon of wet food to it.


We are so glad that Demi has found her way to FBV and her foster mom. While she is not in good shape health wise, she is going to be so loved and spoiled for the time she has left in this world. Welcome home, Demi!