Dexter Memorial

We are saddened to announce the passing of Village alum, Dexter. Dexter lived with his adoptive Dad and Frenchie brother Pi for 9 years. Here are some words from Dex's dad...


"In the beginning of February, Dex started having seizures. It was really scary. He has been so resilient with his various ailments, but this was way different.

He began taking anti-seizure meds, and I was told that he was most likely was suffering from a brain tumor. The meds did, however, allow him to have a really good month of returning to be the same old Dex. Then, right at the 30-day mark, he started to have seizures again. His recovery time seem to be longer after each seizure and he slowly the old Dex was slipping away. We increased the dosage of the meds, but it would last about a week and he would have his seizures. Usually, these took place at 1 am to 3 am.

I got to spend loads of time with him during the shelter in place, but the brutal honesty is that the shelter in place made the final goodbye awkward to me. It was nearly impossible to find an in-home service with social distancing in place. Totally get it. One of the better things was that since we moved back to California, we got to see our original veterinarian. They, too, have social distancing in place, so I could not enter the building.

The picture that I included with this post was the second day that Dex was with me. The first 36 hours were a definite feeling out process. I was sitting on my couch and Dex was trying to be as far away from me as possible. I started to put together a dog toy for him, and he slowly walked up and put his head on the ottoman. As I do, I had my camera by my side and managed to get this picture.

Like they say, “At that moment I knew. I know the way you know about a good melon.”

I hope that, when you have time, you could send an in memory gift for Dexter. It would be great to have it go to French Bulldog Village as this is from where I adopted Dex. It is your money, though, so if you prefer to send it to your local shelter, I know that both of us would appreciate it.

With Aloha ~ Will"