Dobby in Virginia– ADOPTED!!

Dobby has been adopted by an amazing forever family! Dobby has a special new family that consists of a mom, dad, baby human sister and numerous fur siblings. He is already very loved and spoiled by his mom and dad. He is also very loved by his physical therapists who he sees weekly. He is doing so well in his new home; we couldn’t be more thrilled for him!

Dobby is a sweet 1-year-old fella who was surrendered to FBV by loving owners who were unable to handle caring for his needs and didn’t have the funds for his medical bills. Dobby has a congenital spine defect. His lower body is weaker than his upper body. He is currently in physical therapy (PT) to help strengthen his back legs and will require this to continue in his new home. PT will help enhance his quality of life and longevity before he gets old and possibly be in need of a wheelchair. He also will require daily exercise in the home.

Dobby is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. He is also leash trained and knows the commands sit, come and leave it. He is housebroken but needs a stay-at-home person or at least a midday potty break in his forever home.

He has no aggression issues and has shown that he gets along with every person and animal that he has come in contact with while in foster care. He does not like other dogs on a leash though. If you walk him and pass another dog on leash, he will pull and bark, but he is fine with dogs who are not on leash. He is good with children of all ages; however, he is still very much a puppy who likes to chew and use his mouth to play…he will play bite. He will stop when commanded to but is still learning that he should not do it.

Dobby has lots of energy as he is only 1. He is funny, happy, and frolics around like a bunny. He hops, runs sideways, and loves running around outside (zoomies). He will require a fenced yard in his adoptive home because if he is not ready to go inside during his playtime outside, he will have you chasing him all over the place. Dobby also loves to be outside in the sun chewing on a bone. He loves relaxing in the warmth - especially with other dog friends.

He loves his people and loves to be close to them. He is a bed and couch sleeper and wants it no other way. He is very mellow in the evening and sleeps through the night snuggled up right next to you. His current exercise routine is daily walks and PT twice a week. He will need to continue to be active to help with his spine issue. A sedentary life for Dobby will make him unhappy and his health/quality of life will decline.

Dobby needs lots of stimulation during the day which can include walks, playtime, relaxing outside (chewing, playing fetch with his balls, smelling, doing dog things) but needs a home that is calm and relaxing at night. He is a very happy boy and easy to please but he needs his humans. He really is the most amazing pup….he even gives High-5’s!

Dobby is full of life, love, and personality. He has no idea that he is any different from other dogs. He is happy and makes everyone else happy around him. He is playful and gentle, mischievous and sweet, and the best cuddle baby!