Dolly in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Dolly is home! She has an amazing family that includes a new mom, dad, a doggie sister, and a kitty brother. Her mom and dad have volunteered with dog rescues for many years so have much experience with dogs, including French Bulldogs. Dolly is absolutely thrilled she has found such a wonderful family…and so are we!!

Hey there, everyone!! Dolly here…I wanted to let everyone know that I am now available for adoption. I have been quite the traveler in my lifetime. With my previous family, I lived in Mexico, then Texas and finally ended up in Florida. The reason my family surrendered me to FBV was to give me a better life since there was a change in their work schedule, and I was spending 12 hours a day in a crate.


I have no ongoing health issues, but I do have incontinence when I sleep. I take Proin daily to help with my urinary incontinence. I like to nap during the day and will not have any accidents if I am not left for a long period of time. I also at some point in the past suffered some type of trauma to my right eye. The vet felt it was an old wound, and my eyesight has been fine as far as anyone can tell.


I DO NOT like male dogs or large dogs…ONLY small, female dogs for me! I have been known to get into fights with other dogs and even got into it with the resident dog once when she wanted foster mom’s attention at the same time that I did. However, me and the resident dog are good with taking treats together and eat within a short distance of each other without any issues.


I LOVE children and will tolerate cats! With a slow introduction, I have been okay with the resident cat, and she has been good with me. I am very, very submissive around humans and attach myself to females more than men. I am my foster mom’s constant companion and love to be right next to her. When meeting new humans, I will roll on my back for a good belly rub but after will jump up on the person which my foster family has been trying to train me not to do. If I must say so myself, I am improving with this!


I walk well on a leash and will notice everything on my walks. I especially love to lizard hunt while out and about and will chase them if I see them in the yard. I also tend to do my pooping on walks vs. in the yard so taking me on walks is a must. I need to be first out the door, too! 🙂 


I am crate trained but don’t care to be crated. At night, my foster family has a gated tile area of the house where I sleep. My bed has pee pads underneath in case I have incontinence through the night. You may or may not find my bed wet in the morning which if it is wet, will require me to receive a bath…but the good thing is I don’t mind getting baths.


I love to chew bones and just recently started playing with stuffed toys. I also am pretty smart. I know the commands to sit, stay, down and come! I am soooo laid back and just really love being with my humans. I love getting attention and am quite the people pleaser!