RIP Dottie

Update 8/6/2018- 

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our hospice girl Dottie. RIP sweet Dottie. You are free to run and play as you did when you were just a pup.

Update January 22, 2018-

Hospice girl Dottie is on an artificial tear drop twice a day after having a slow healing ulcer that took two months to heal completely. She had to see an ophthalmologist for treatment when the ulcer continued to spread across her eye  and created granulation tissue despite general vet treatment. Her eye is now healed, but has been left scarred and her vision affected.

Her health has declined over the last year. She is no longer mobile and relies on her family completely for movement and sometimes to help her eat. She sleeps a lot and lets her family know by barking that she needs something, such as a lift from one place to another or someone to just sit on the couch with her. She loves companionship, either canine or a person, to always be near her.

Update June 20, 2017-

Dottie had a UTI (urinary tract infection) in April and was placed on Baytril. She was then taken back to the vet May 26th after she started to have frequent accidents and her urine smelled. She was found to have another UTI, but was prescribed a different antibiotic this time. Due to Dottie’s spinal issues and her bladder needing to be expressed manually by her foster family, she is prone to developing recurrent UTIs.

Dottie was losing weight in April, but has gained 3 of the 6 pounds back that she had lost. She also went weekly to the vet for a corneal ulcer. Finally after 1 month of treatment with drops, the ulcer healed.

We are so glad that Dottie has such a wonderful foster family and that she is loved so much!

Update October 5, 2016-

There is not much new to report for Dottie. She continues to sleep most of her days away but will voice demands to be placed on her favorite spot on the couch when she deems necessary. Her Foster Mom is happy to oblige her wishes! Dottie also enjoys protesting by barking loudly at any canine that dares to enjoy a bone in her view. On occasion she will get spunky and will play, using her cart to run zoomies.

Enjoy the cute photos of Dottie!

Update May 17-

Dottie is doing Great!  She gets along so well with her 3 female foster fur siblings.
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She is such a character. She has a licker that just won’t stop. She licks everything from the kitchen cabinets to the dog bed, but mostly the other dogs.  Dottie’s foster mom reports that the resident girls now roll over to have their bellies licked by Dottie.
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Dottie’s ideal home would include a fenced backyard to do zoomies in with the other family dogs. Other dogs around her size are a must for Dottie. She loves the companionship and loves to play. She would do best with a fenced yard because if she is walked on sidewalks she does rub spots on top of her back paws due to her hind leg weakness. Occasionally as she walks, the tops of her paws will drag across the ground every so many steps.
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For exercise, her foster family sits outside when it is cool enough and all the pups run around and play. As her foster Mom says “Our backyard becomes a mini dog park.” Additionally, Dottie does know how to use a doggie door.
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Due to her lack of complete control of her bowels, her foster family has instituted al fresco dining. Sometimes while eating or the excitement of getting ready to eat, Dottie’s bowels will move.  This sweet little spitfire’s forever home has to understand Dottie can’t help having accidents and doesn’t know she is going until she starts to go. She does try to head for the door, but doesn’t always make it in time.
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Dottie does have a frenchie yodel and loves to use it when she can see you but can’t get to you , such as catching a peek of you through the fence. She will let you know she doesn’t like that she can’t get to you.
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Dottie is happy girl that does not let her foster siblings leave her behind. Despite her weak back legs, she can do zoomies with the best of them. Don’t believe us, just watch her video. Dottie is a speed demon.
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Furthermore, according to her foster mom “She listens better than any of the other resident dogs. She will sit and go to her bed when told. She is happy chilling with the other dogs, chewing on her nylabone and having some daily zoomies in the yard.”
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Dottie has weakness in her rear legs, but is fully mobile. She walks unassisted and plays with the other dogs in the home. She has an arrhythmia and a small, slow growing tumor that was only discovered incidentally while having the arrhythmia checked out at her doctor’s office. Dottie is without symptoms and requires no treatment at this time. If fluid accumulates around the lining of the heart then she may become symptomatic and need treatment in the future. Due to the weakness in Dottie’s rear legs, she does better on grassy surfaces. If walked on concrete, it may cause irritations on her paws. She also does not have complete bowel control. She doesn’t realize her bowels are moving until she starts to go. Keeping her on a potty routine especially around meal time minimizes accidents. Due her history of a small mast cell tumor removal almost 2 years ago, Dottie does require a daily Benadryl. Dottie has not had a reoccurrence of mast cell. The daily Benadryl is for future mast cell prevention. Dottie also is on a grain free diet. She is currently on fish and sweet potato.

Dottie loves having a canine companion to cuddle with. She constantly licks her foster siblings and loves to lick everything. Dottie would do best in a home where she has canine  playmates, a comfy bed to snooze in, toys to chew on,  and someone that is home to let her out every few hours. She does enjoy a fenced back yard where she can do an occasional zoomie with her playmates. Dottie will bark if she hears noises, so she would do best in a home, not an apartment. Dottie is not crated in her current foster home.  She does well gated in the kitchenette with her foster home’s frenchies when left alone. Dottie listens very well and knows how to sit on command and will go lay on her bed when told.

She is a sweet girl, looking for a home that can accommodate her needs, providing the love this special girl deserves.

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Check out Dottie’s Videos to see her in action!

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