Duke in Florida— ADOPTED!!

Duke had his adoption day and is now home with his new mommy! They instantly fell in love with each other and can’t wait to take all sorts of new adventures together. We are thrilled for Duke and his mom....they are a match made in heaven!

Who is looking for a BIG hunk in their life?  Meet our boy Duke weighing in at almost 26lbs and only 13 months old.  His heart and personality match his size, and he is looking for his forever home.

Duke was surrendered due to rectal prolapse needing surgery and treatment.  Duke needs to remain on a special powder called PancraCare that is mixed with his prescription wet food into a paste 15 minutes before eating. He will require this for, more than likely, his entire life. He also needs to be limited on treats as they can cause diarrhea.

Duke gets along with dogs, cats and older children, but he will try to dominate dogs smaller than him. He will steal their bones, treats and toys, etc.  Duke also likes to go after any wild birds or ducks/ducklings that make their way to his foster family's property, and they have an umbrella cockatoo that he has tried to attack as well. They have been working with him to teach him this is not acceptable behavior...so he will need a family to continue this training.

Due to his size, his ideal home would be a family with children 5 years of age or older. He is excessively playful and strong so he will require a patient family who is able to give him the focus that he needs.  Since Duke has an alpha personality and wants to dominate, he must be taught his position in the family pack.  He is very strong and smart and will need a smart, tough pack leader to lead him.  He is also sweet and VERY generous with kisses and love to all humans.  He has moments of excitement and zoomies and loves to go for car rides and walks. He runs off leash in the fenced yard and listens most of the time. He has laid back moments but is also strong and agile. Duke loves to chase balls and to chew on bones all day long. He walks well on leash and knows the commands sit, leave it and come.

Duke will need a family who works from home, or who can provide a midday potty break.  He is mostly potty trained but can get diarrhea if he gets too many treats.  Currently, he is kept gated in the kitchen while his foster family is out and does well with that. At night, he goes in an x-pen with his bed or sleeps in bed with his foster parents.

Duke's little human foster brother told his mom one evening that Duke is sad and when asked why, he said he was sad because he didn’t have a family of his own yet.  So if you think your family can make Duke happy and give him his forever home, please fill out our adoption application……because we promised a little boy that we would find his foster dog the best family we could.