Duke in Virginia– ADOPTED!!

Duke is home! He has been adopted by a wonderful family who is madly in love with him. He has two amazing moms and one human brother. He is an only dog which is okay by him because he loves getting all the attention to himself. We are absolutely thrilled for this new family and can’t wait to see all the happy times they share together!

Duke is a handsome 5-year-old who was surrendered to French Bulldog Village due to severe breathing issues as well as hind end weakness. He has had many surgeries to improve his breathing, yet he will always have a partially collapsed trachea that cannot be repaired. Duke’s partially collapsed trachea can make breathing more difficult for him than for the average dog. He must not get overheated or overexert himself as this will put strain on his breathing. Avoiding strenuous activity and being kept in a cool temperature setting is best to prevent his breathing from becoming too heavy.


The weakness in his hind end causes his back legs to sometimes slip out from under him, and he can’t handle stairs or furniture well on his own. His vet has said the weakness could be neurological and will need to be monitored throughout Duke’s life for any potential progression. He will also require a forever family who is willing to lift him on and off things and carry him as needed, especially when it comes to steps. He can slowly do one step at a time going up stairs but will not go down on his own.  


Duke is a lazy, love bug! He wants nothing more than to lie on or near you being cuddled and pet. He does not need much exercise at all because of his breathing issues but enjoys chewing on bones and squeaky toys for entertainment. He walks on leash well and is crate trained; although, he would prefer not to be crated. Because he is good on a leash, he does not have a preference of whether his forever home has a fenced yard or not. However, he would prefer a stay at home parent or one who can provide him with a midday potty break. He has learned “sit” so far and is highly motivated by treats.


Duke tolerates other dogs but would truly be happiest as an only dog getting all the attention from his people. Duke has demonstrated mild food aggression in his foster home towards other dogs coming near him or his food and toys. He will growl if he thinks the other dogs are getting too close to what he believes to be HIS. If they continue to get closer, he will try and nip at them. He has not shown any aggression with humans and food, though. Other than the mild aggression described with dogs, Duke has been good around small, female dogs. However, he has not really been around large and male dogs except for those he has encountered at the vet’s office. He will go up to large/male dogs on leash and do fine, but he has not been around any off leash.


Duke can be stubborn about going to the bathroom outside. He likes to spend time looking around outside and sniffing the ground before he will get serious about going potty. He will need someone who is patient with him and will walk him around a little while, so he has time to go. When off leash (in a contained fence), he sometimes will want to come right back inside instead of taking time to potty. In that case, he needs some guidance, time, and commands to get him focused on going potty. He still has occasional accidents inside the house BUT will sometimes go on potty pads when he finds them.


He is absolutely the sweetest!! He lets you pick him up and hold him like a little baby in almost any position. He has such sweet eyes and has a little wart on the corner of his left eye with some hairs growing from it that make him look like he has long eyelashes...just adding to his cuteness when he looks at you! He clearly was uncomfortable for many years with the severity of his breathing issues. When he first came to his foster home, he moved very slowly, and every breath was a struggle. After his soft palate and nare surgeries, he is quite a different dog. While he still snores loudly when sleeping, you can tell he has more pep in his step and is much happier when awake.


Duke would do best in a laid-back home with individuals who will give him lots of love and patience. He needs a person(s) who wants a constant companion, because he loves to follow his person(s) from room to room just being pet and given love. If you are the person who will embrace this sweet, little soul and give him all the cuddles and treats he deserves, please apply!