Ella in Pennsylvania– ADOPTED!!

Ella has been adopted by a wonderful family. She has an awesome new mom and dad who are spoiling her rotten. Ella is already the queen of the castle and very loved in her new home! We are absolutely thrilled for Ella.

Ella is back!!! She is a 2-year-old cutie who was surrendered by her first owner after she suffered from a ruptured disc in her lower back, and they couldn’t afford surgery. Her adoptive owners surrendered her back to FBV due to Ella disliking and biting other dogs. For this reason, Ella now will be placed in a home with NO other dogs.


While Ella was with FBV before, she had surgery for a ruptured disc. The surgery was a major success; however, Ella will always be an IVDD dog. With Ella being an IVDD dog, she will require someone who is familiar with her boundaries and who understands that a flare up can happen at any time that may require medical attention. While Ella can’t be kept from being a dog, her new family will need to ensure caution is taken during her activities. She needs a family who truly follows the “no jumping” rule. She shouldn’t jump on/off couches and beds or in and out of cars.


Ella has mild allergies that are mostly environmental. Her paws will need to be cleaned or she will lick at them. Her allergies have also caused her to experience reoccurring ear infections from yeast, so her ears will need to be continually monitored throughout her life.


She is housebroken and leash trained and knows the commands “sit,” “stay,” “heel,” “down,” and “come.” She is also crate trained. While Ella would prefer a home with a fenced yard, it is not a requirement. She loves going outside, but her dislike for other dogs makes it difficult. She also would prefer a home where someone is home all day with her or someone who can provide her with a midday potty break.


Ella loves every human she meets, all ages and genders. However, she is very strong and fast; for this reason, no children should hold her leash. Ella does not like other dogs…NONE…not small or large, not female or male, not young or old. She gets very anxious when she sees a dog, even if she hears one barking on TV. She will start barking, squealing, and running at the TV. When on her leash, she pulls very hard and will suddenly start running towards other dogs…potentially knocking down anyone not paying attention. Ella’s future home MUST be one without other dogs and cats.


Ella is very active; she loves playing, even by herself. She loves all kinds of toys, but they have to be tough since she plays a little rough with them. Her foster dad recently got her a tennis ball, and she is absolutely in love with it…she looks super cute, and kind of like a cat, following the ball all around the house. She will play with her toys for what seems like forever. Ella is also queen of zoomies! She will do them for a good 15-20 minutes without stopping. Zoomies make her so happy and if she sees that they make you smile she will keep doing them.


Ella is very smart and a total love bug. She is so sweet…she loves to cuddle with her person on the couch and could be there with you all day long. Every morning when she gets out of her crate, she expects a specific amount of cuddles and scratches. She will let you know when she feels it is okay for you to stop; it’s the best way to start your day!


Ella needs a forever home where she gets a lot of attention and time since being loved is all she really wants. Her adoptive home must be one where she is the only dog (preferably the only pet). She is such a wonderful dog…so sweet and very well-behaved except for her aggression with other dogs. She loves taking baths. She doesn’t complain when you clean her ears or wipe her face; she is always happy. She loves to be picked up and hugged. She is just the sweetest thing ever.