Ella in Virginia— ADOPTED!!

Ella has been adopted by a wonderful couple! She has a fantastic new mom and dad and a Frenchie sibling who also has IVDD. Her new parents are very experienced with IVDD and will provide Ella the perfect forever home. Congratulations to Ella and her new family!

Ella is a 2-year-old beauty who was surrendered by her owner after she suffered from a ruptured disc in her lower back, and they couldn’t afford surgery. They made the heartbreaking decision to surrender her to FBV to get the care she needed.


She had surgery for the ruptured disc, and the surgery was a major success. However, Ella will always be an IVDD dog. With Ella being an IVDD dog, she will require someone who is familiar with her boundaries and who understands that a flare up can happen at any time that may require medical attention. While Ella can’t be kept from being a dog, her new family will need to ensure caution is taken during her activities. She needs a family who truly follows the “no jumping” rule. She can’t/shouldn’t jump on/off couches and beds or in and out of cars - and no steps/stairs. She will need to be carried up and down stairs.


Ella has mild allergies that are mostly environmental. Therefore, her paws will need to be cleaned/wiped after every outing. Her allergies also cause reoccurring ear infections from yeast. Her ears will need to be continually monitored throughout her life.


She is housebroken and leash trained and knows the commands “stay” and “come.” She is also crate trained but prefers not to be crated. She is a very active pup and MUST have a fenced yard in her forever home. She loves leash walks but also loves her freedom off the leash. While she would prefer someone home all day with her or at least a midday potty break, this is not a requirement.


Ella loves everyone and everything. She talks with her eyes and is always looking for “good girl.” She shows no signs of aggression with anyone who walks through the door and always wants all the attention. She also has shown no food aggression, but when a toy is hers....it is hers!


She loves to play with her foster sisters and chew on her favorite bone. She is a chewer and needs her bone - or else she will chew on something else she finds around the house, like baseboards. Ella is also a fantastic cuddler and wants to be beside someone all the time. She is active but doesn’t mind a day lounging on the couch. She loves being on the couch or bed.


She’s a VERY happy and confident girl...not submissive or dominant. She has a go with the flow personality and just wants to play. She does like to be the one getting all the attention, but not in an aggressive way. She is stubborn and likes to do as she pleases. She’s also feisty and has attitude...she’s a little human dog!


The ideal home for Ella would be a family with 1 other chill dog that allows pets on the couch/bed and who has a nice fenced yard. She also needs someone who understands her back issues and will be vigilant in making sure she’s not doing too much. She is fine to be left in a pen when not at home (so someone who works outside the home would be fine) so long as she is not left all day, every day.


Ella is a Velcro Frenchie. She will do whatever it takes to get your attention with no stopping. She’s quick to integrate and an absolute joy to love and be around. She loves to be cuddled and is always looking for one’s approval and to make sure her humans are happy with her. She is just so special with the most amazing personality. She is sure of herself, loves her people, and is a great addition to the house. She’s a stubborn, funny girl who will immediately steal the hearts of her new family. If she sounds perfect for your family, please apply!