Ellie in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Ellie has been adopted by an amazing family. She has a new mom and dad, as well as a new Frenchie brother. Her forever parents have many years of experience with the French Bulldog breed and therefore, are knowledgeable of their health issues. Ellie is already very spoiled and loves her home with a fenced yard and her new dog walker friend who comes for midday visits on days her parents work in the office. We are absolutely thrilled for Ellie and her family!!

I am around 4 years old, 19.5 lbs and am one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. I absolutely love everyone and have had no issues with aggression. I am very timid when encountering new situations and if on a leash in a large crowd, will freeze so a stroller or carrying me may be required from time to time. I am hoping that with more experiences in life, my timidness will improve.


I am no Michael Jordan but am nonetheless quite the athlete. I am very slim and muscular but can be a bit of a klutz on stairs….no worries, though…I play it off well! I have to say, I am pretty smart, too. I am a very quicky study. Heck, I already know the commands sit, come and leave it.


I love ALL toys. I also love to chew on antlers and yak bones. Not going to lie, I do like to tear up paper and other things, like fabric, that drop on the floor as well. And if left alone, must be crated as my separation anxiety will lead to me chewing on other things that I shouldn’t, like furniture. I am not proud of this, but we all have our faults. Hopefully, you can find it in your heart to work around this.


Because I have some anxiety when left alone, I need a forever person who works from home or is retired. I am truly a Velcro dog...I cannot get enough of my humans and want to be with them 24/7 if possible! I also need a fenced yard. It will take me time to relearn to walk and potty on a leash in my forever home. Don’t worry, I will get it but having a yard will help until I do.


Having another dog (or even two) would be awesome in my new home…I like the company of other dogs and will learn from them what being a dog is all about. I also like sleeping in bed with other pups and my humans at night…please tell me I can sleep in the bed with you! I think you will enjoy my company. I have the cutest little snore.


I just recently found my voice…I don’t bark excessively but now know how to speak up when needed. I also will cry in my crate if I hear my humans but will settle soon after they leave home.


I have some minor medical issues…nothing too bad. I have this area on my left side below my shoulder that I sometimes will scratch until it bleeds. I tend to do it mostly when I am feeling stressed. The vet thinks the area may have become irritated because of some ingrown hairs but the spot is now healed and looks good. My foster mom has me wear a shirt or coat to the protect the area which I like…makes me look like a model! I also have a grade one luxating patella, but the vet is not concerned about it—thank goodness!


I am only somewhat housebroken. I will potty outdoors but will need you to try to anticipate my needs to help me be successful. For example, I need you to take me out right after eating as I will need to poop…I always do. I also will use pee pads so please leave some around the house for me. This all will help me continue on a successful path with my potty training but in the meantime, accidents are bound to happen.


I have to say….I am the best there is. You can’t get any better than me. I give lots of kisses and snuggles and will worm my way into your heart in no time at all. I also will weasel my way into getting some snacks so I wouldn’t recommend eating anywhere but the table. Lol!