Elsa in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Elsa has some very exciting news to share…..she has been adopted by an amazing forever family. She has two awesome parents and two Frenchie brothers. She absolutely loved her road trip to her new home and warmed up to her family immediately. Life is good for this little lady who is already spoiled rotten. We are so excited for her and her next chapter of life!


Guess what?! It’s me, Elsa!


I was going to make a Frozen joke.. But, I let it go…. No? Not funny? Ok Ok…


One day I was wandering around a field and paw patrol (animal control) scooped me up and took me to the shelter. One thing led to another, and I ended up with my awesome foster family here at FBV. I went to see an eye specialist and then my eye suddenly ruptured! I had surgery to have it removed and I feel so much better. That old eye didn’t work anyway and now I will never have pain in it again! I am otherwise healthy at this time. The vet guessed that I’m around 8 years old and I weigh 22lbs.


I really like my foster sister, Lillie. She is a frenchie like me! My foster mom took it slow introducing us and it worked out great. I bet she will even explain how it worked to my new family; it really set us up for success! We love to play, lay around together and play “follow the leader.” If you see one frenchie, you’re sure to see the other! We are besties, for sure. However, I have to be honest… I am not into the critters of the feline persuasion. There is one in my foster house, but she is kept completely separate from me. It’s a big “nope” for both of us. I haven’t been around any other small animals but it’s probably best that my new home doesn’t have them, just to be safe. There are no kids in my home, but I have met some in the neighborhood. I was calm while they pet me; I made my foster family very proud!


My perfect family will make me the center of attention….load me up with treats, pets, kisses and snuggles! My foster mom says I am super smart! I know how to sit, I come when called and I am even crate trained. Right now, I sleep in my crate with no issues, and I am kept inside my crate when my foster family leaves the house. My foster mom works from home, so I am used to having someone take me outside during the day…so, it would be best if someone came home mid-day to take me out if they work outside the home. I really enjoy car rides! You know why? There’s this place with a magical window that hands out pup cups! No questions asked, if you’re a pup, you get a cup! It’s what I imagine the heavens to be like.


I am an easy-going gal looking to live out my glory days with my pawfect match.