Emilio in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Emilio has been adopted by an amazing family. He has an awesome new mom, dad, and doggie siblings. His family is very versed in brachycephalic dogs and has lots of experience with rescues. Emilio is in the best of hands. We really couldn’t have asked for a better home for this handsome boy!

Emilio is a 6-year-old big hunk weighing in at a whopping 40 lbs. He is quite the couch potato, does not require a lot of exercise and would prefer a forever home with a fenced yard. He also makes some adorable snorts when he is communicating with you.


He has allergies which cause him to suffer from chronic skin infections. For his allergies, he receives Cytopoint injections, eats a fish-based food, and needs his skin folds cleaned regularly. He also suffers from chronic ear infections which have caused him to have a hearing impairment. He is currently on ear drops and will need routine ear cleanings. He has had a small ear hematoma and may need TECA (total ear canal ablation) surgery at some point in the future. Since being with FBV, he has been neutered and had his eye removed due to it being ulcerated badly and without vision when he arrived in our care. He had a dental performed as well and had 10 teeth pulled.


Emilio drools out of the left side of his mouth with it being worse at times of excitement and nervousness. He also has shown timidness with going down some stairs but going up has not been an issue for him. Due to his hearing loss and impaired vision, he will require people to approach carefully so as not to startle him.


Emilio gets along with most everything. He loves to chase the chickens in the yard, though, so a home without birds would be best. He gets along with other dogs and cats. He also does well with older children (ages 14 and above). He is a laid-back clown. If he’s not sleeping, he’s playing with a toy or trying to get into trouble.


He’s pretty submissive but has shown some mild resource guarding. He resource guards special bones (not food or every day toys) from other dogs. He will bark at the resident dogs if they try to take these special bones but has never bitten. Now his foster family only allows him to have them at bedtime when he is alone on the couch.


He is partially housebroken and will mark in the house from time to time. He will require a home where he can be provided with frequent visits outside to potty. While he does not require someone home all day with him, a mid-day potty break would be great to help him continue along his house-training journey. He is crate trained but is still working on his leash training.


Emilio loves bones and stuffies. He also loves to cuddle constantly and thinks he is a lap dog. Another of his favorite things to do is to climb into baskets of laundry when you’re trying to fold the clothes. He loves to be mischievous and to be a part of whatever you’re doing. He will run after balls and bring them back to you and really likes to swing on porch swings, too!


He likes to run out the door in his foster home and try to chase the chickens. He has figured out how to open certain doors on his own so unless you lock the door behind you, you will never be alone. You will need to be careful to make sure doors that lead out to unsecure areas are closed so that he does not get lost or injured. He also is somehow able to trip his people up constantly…numerous of them have taken a tumble because of him. He will require family members who are steady on their feet!!


Emilio is such a sweet and loving boy. He has a wonderful personality and loves to be around people. He will make an amazing companion for a non-active family who can provide him with frequent potty breaks and is proactive in cleaning his ears and skin folds.