Emma in Maryland– ADOPTED!!

Emma has gone to her forever home. She has wonderful new parents and a young human sibling to love. She also has a tiny fish sibling. Her human sister has already been providing her with lots of cuddles. Emma’s new family is thrilled to welcome her to their lives and are ready to spoil her like crazy. FBV is so happy for them!


Emma is a beautiful, 3-year-old Frenchie who was surrendered by her owner after having her only a few months. The owner reported that due to Emma chewing and ruining things in the place the person was renting the landlord said that Emma must go. Before being with this person, Emma was a breeder dog.


She has no ongoing health issues or special needs. She is partially housebroken--- she will ask to go out with a quiet whine at the door, but if you miss it, she will have an accident. She walks very well on a leash with a buddy but freezes if alone. She also has not yet associated going for a walk with going potty. She is crate trained and knows the command “sit.” It is obvious that she has had zero training prior to her foster home but is very food motivated and is catching on!! Emma is very smart…her foster family thinks she would love and benefit from some training or obedience classes!


Emma loves to chew…and will chew anything!! This has been her foster family’s biggest struggle with her. She will snatch anything from a pen to a kid toy to a remote (the Apple remote is shockingly sturdy!). Even with plenty of dog friendly options, if left alone for a moment, she will snatch something. She does love toys and bones though! Her favorites are the Benebones and her Bark dumplings! Her favorite thing of all to do is anything that involves being with her people!


Emma has a middle of the pack mentality and a low-key personality for a Frenchie. She has growled at the resident dogs when the family was eating on the couch and she was begging, but she stopped when corrected. She is built like a body builder (she doesn’t look like a 30 lb. girl...she looks much smaller), but she doesn’t require a lot of activity. She does well with a short walk and some play time! She really likes running around the back yard with her foster dog siblings. She also enjoys snuggling on the couch.


She would love a family of any kind; she would adapt to any environment. A family who will not leave her alone for an extended time (more than 3-4 hours) would be ideal. She loves being with people and snuggling with them any chance she gets! She would be perfect for someone who could take her to work with them. Since she’s not 100% comfortable on a leash without another dog, she would really love a fenced yard.


She can be a goofball when she wants to play! She will get a toy, quietly bark, and go into a play bow with her head to the side. She also gets the zoomies when she is feeling playful! When she wants attention, she will come put her front paws on your lap or lay up against you and look up at you with a smile. It’s both cute and funny!


Emma is such a wonderful dog! She doesn’t have the typical female Frenchie bossiness and is pretty mellow. It’s obvious she didn’t get the attention she needs and deserves in her previous life as it can take her a bit to fully warm up to new people. She can seem aloof for the first week or two, but once she does warm up, she is a total lovebug and just wants to be with you! Everyone that meets her just adores her!