Evie in Alabama– ADOPTED!

Evie has been adopted by an amazing mom and dad. Her new mommy flew all the way to Alabama from California then drove all the way back (over 30 hours) in order to adopt this sweet girl! Evie also has a doggie sibling who is an English Bulldog. She has settled in well to her new home and even celebrated her 6th birthday with her forever family. It is obvious she is exactly where she is supposed to be and is already very spoiled!

Introducing the sweetest girl around…6-year-old Evie! She came into rescue as a breeder release and had been living outside on a concrete slab. She has now learned what it is like to live the life of the princess she always was!


She doesn’t have any major medical concerns and was recently spayed. She does have accidents in the house occasionally as she hasn’t learned how to alert that she needs to potty. She will also use potty pads inside sometimes even when she has access to the yard.


Evie loves mostly everyone! Sometimes she will hysterically bark at men out of fear. She does not bark at her foster dad but will bark like a maniac at her teenage human foster brother. A home that is willing to help her overcome her fear and doesn’t have a ton of new people coming and going would be best. She likes her routine and keeping things peaceful.


Evie loves her humans and will follow them around but also enjoys her space and has been known to hang out by herself if nothing too exciting is going on. Do not fret, though; she will be the first one to alert you if something is going on with her barking. Since she is a barker, apartment living would not be ideal. She also is not yet leash trained so a home with a fenced yard where she can run and play is preferred.


She not only loves her humans, but she also enjoys fur siblings. However, Evie needs doggie playmates who are not aggressive/dominate. She loves to play with toys with her foster brother. However, when the 2 resident dogs get into spats, she will run in and attack the female. She will do this until the female stops growling and going after the male.


She has not shown any resource guarding with toys and does not seem food aggressive. However, currently in foster care, she is fed separately at mealtimes. Evie is crate trained but prefers not to be crated. She does, however, really seem to enjoy car rides.


Evie is a great door greeter and will be there greeting you at the door everyday excited to see you! She loves to let her humans know they are special and loved by jumping around, wagging her little nub, and grinning her big, toothy grin. She is such a silly, happy girl!