FBV Grad Update For Valentina!

Beautiful Valentina is doing amazingly well in her forever home! Her mom sent this wonderful update for us to share:


“Valentina turned 10 years young on 4/18. For her 10th birthday, we got her a new house that is one story. She is LOVING being able to easily go from room to room to snoopervise without having to worry about those pesky stairs. This golden girl still loves to play fetch and play a rousing game of bitey face with her new puppy brother, Henry. She’s slowing down a bit on walks, but loves a good trip around the block and hopes to be able to bark at some dogs along the way. She loves to cuddle with us and makes the cutest noises when we rub her belly or head - almost like purring. She works from home with us and is very diligent about our schedule. She knows exactly when quitting time is, and she expects my laptop to be closed and for us to be outside sunbathing immediately. Chop chop! We love her to pieces and hope we have many more years of memories with our sweet girl.”


Wow, Valentina, you don’t look 10! We are glad to see you are doing so well. It is obvious how much you are loved. We are glad you found such an awesome, loving family!