Fendi in Florida- ADOPTED!!

Fendi has been adopted and by an amazing family! She has a new mom and dad who are past adopters of FBV. Fendi also has a new 6-year-old Frenchie sister with whom to cuddle and play. Her new home has a fenced yard and no stairs which is perfect for her. She also gets to sleep with her humans in their bed. We are absolutely thrilled for Fendi and her new family. Congratulations Fendi…you are home!!

Yay!!! Fendi has made it to the available page and is super excited to find her forever home! Fendi is a sweet, quirky, playful, and snuggly 11-month-old who came to FBV when another rescue took her and other non-Frenchie dogs in from a breeder. The other rescue was not familiar with Frenchies, so they decided it was best for Fendi to come to FBV.


Fendi is pretty easy-going. She has gotten along with all animals that have crossed her path and has shown no aggression with people or other dogs. However, she will hold her own if another dog wants her toy. She also chases the cats in her foster home. Her foster mom is not sure if this is due to curiosity or prey drive, but the cats just run away and hide when she chases them.


Fendi does have some ongoing health issues. Though, she does not allow them to slow her down (even when she runs in the yard and face plants, she will get right back up and keep going). She arrived to FBV with pneumonia, but this has since cleared. She recently had a bout of pancreatitis which has resolved as well. She suffers from a resistant skin infection called MRSP (canine MRSA) that seems to flare up and subside but does not completely go away. Currently, on a scale of 1-10, she is at a 1-2 for how her skin is looking (her worst has been a 7-8). Because of this skin infection, the vet has recommended that Fendi not be adopted to anyone who is immunocompromised or to a home with immunocompromised pets. Fendi also has a malformed front right leg as well as luxating patellas (luxating patella is a kneecap that 'pops out' or moves out of its normal location) in both back legs.


She has been seen by both internal medicine and orthopedic veterinarians. The orthopedic vet reported that Fendi does not currently require surgery for her back knees or right front leg, but that surgery could possibly be needed in the future. She will require topical Mupirocin and medicated baths when her skin has flare ups and is on Science Diet GI low fat because of her bout of pancreatitis.


Fendi loves stuffy toys that are furry and squeak. She also loves Nylabones and to sleep, snuggle and play hard! She really likes to eat but her weight will need to be monitored due to her leg issues. She does not like, however, to take pills and will spit them out!


She is housebroken (and her foster mom says she is absolutely the best potty-trained Frenchie she has ever met…LOL!), crate trained, and leash trained. She requires a fenced yard and while she does not require a stay-at-home doggie parent, she would prefer at least to have a midday visit for some loving and a potty break.


Fendi thrives in any environment and is a go with the flow kind of gal. However, her ideal home would be a loving home with lots of space for exploring. She is a curious dog (and actually gets extra snorty when there is something that has sparked her curiosity). She would also do best in a home where she does not have to manage stairs. While she can go up the four stairs in the back of her foster home, she has not been able to navigate going down steps.


Fendi is absolutely awesome…she literally sparkles! At first sight, it’s shocking to see her arm and awkward stance but don’t let all this fool you, she is truly a diamond! She also does not need anyone to feel sorry for her. She can do anything she puts her mind to and does not let her physical limitations hold her back! She is truly a blessing, and anyone would be lucky to welcome this girl into their home.