Fiona in Texas– ADOPTED!!

Fiona has been adopted! She has an amazing new mom and numerous other pups to spend her days with and love. She has been adjusting well to her new family and life and is already very spoiled. We are ecstatic that Fiona has found such a loving and caring mom and know that they will share many wonderful memories together!

Hello fans! I'm Fiona. My staff (my foster mom…whom is also my chauffeur, cook, maid, personal paparazzi and now my publicist) is helping me write a few things about myself. Let’s get some awkward questions and answers out of the way, off the bat.


Clearly, I'm gorgeous! I'm 9 years old but act like I'm half that. I know you've probably heard about my new wheels which I need for long walks (I have to keep my feet cute!). When I'm lounging around the house or playing with my toys, I can use my back legs. My personal trainer (foster mom) says I walk like a newborn giraffe when I follow her around the house - almost always with a toy in my mouth. When I'm in a hurry or tired, I will scoot.


I have 2 foster fur brothers. One I like to play tug of war with and the other I like to lick in the face....I mean give kisses. I'm not a fan of little humans running at me….scares me. I prefer to go to them on my own terms. I have human teenage brothers and they are slow like sloths- I like them that age/size.


I like to chase the vacuum! I give my maid a run for her money when she uses that thing! Speaking of my maid, she says I've never had an accident in my crate since she put me on a schedule. Sometimes when we walk, I'll go #2 without warning but have full control over my bladder. My publicist said I had to say that, as embarrassing as that is. Also, I’m not a fan of cats. They are weird and stare at me when I'm walking in my wheels. They're fun to try to chase but I don't think I could live with one.


I am a huge fan of all things belly scratches and ear rubs! I will also let you brush me for days!! Enough about me? Let's meet. Have your people call my people!