Fiona Memorial

We are sad to share that Village alum Fiona crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2020. Sweet Fiona was a hospice pup who was adopted by her foster family to be loved and spoiled in her final years.


Her adoptive mother wanted to share a few words...


“RIP Sweet Fi

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must let you know that Sweet Fi has crossed the rainbow bridge. She will he met by our Nala girl so they can run free together. My heart is once again shattered!!

Ms Fiona / Sweet Fi / Fifi Laroux / Fi Laroux / Fi / Da Fiesta Laroux / Mamma Bear / Mommers - she couldn’t hear anything, but we still called her all of these. She was so very, very loved and spoiled and will be greatly missed. She was THE sweetest dog I have ever known. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body. All she wanted was some good food, some belly rubs and a comfy bed and she was completely content.

I loved this little old lady with all my heart.”


Fiona was loved dearly by her adoptive family. We are so grateful for the comfort, love, and care that she received in her final years. RIP Sweet Fi.