For Dusty, Holly and her puppies and for Biscuit

When Shawn Seamans and his wife Jody returned home from a brief shopping trip, they returned to the kind of nightmare that no person should ever have to endure: their recently purchased home in flames and their dogs and cat inside, beyond their reach and beyond any hope of rescue, their fourteen year old daughter – alerted by a friend that her home was on fire – already standing helplessly outside while the firefighters battled the fire.

Lost in the blaze were a six year old blind French Bulldog named Dusty, a little four year old French Bulldog mother named Holly and her two tiny puppies, just two weeks old, Boomer, a fifteen year old cat, already weakened by cancer, and our own sweet foster dog, three year old Biscuit.

The future had finally been looking bright for our boy, Biscuit, a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix who had spent the first three years of his young life being being tossed around from home to home, before finally making his way into the FBVillage. Taken in by our Mid West Regional Manager, Kathy Clayton, in October, 2009, he found an unexpected friend and ally in her nine year old grandson, Peyton, and with the permission of the FBVillage, he eagerly joined Peyton and his family in nearby Grove, Oklahoma to wait out his stay in foster care. Just a few short weeks ago, after nearly six months in foster care, when it was perfectly clear to everyone that he was Peyton’s dog and no one else’s, we learned that the family wanted to adopt the little dog themselves. Biscuit had a home at last, and best of all, a boy who loved him. A whole family that loved him.

For those last six months of Biscuit’s life, what must have been the happiest six months of his life, we are eternally grateful to Shawn and Jody, their daughters, Taylor, 14, and Shea, 11 for making room for our Biscuit, but especially we are grateful to Peyton.

To all of the Seamans’ family pets, Dusty, Holly and her babies, Boomer, and little Biscuit, we wish them Godspeed and safe passage across the Rainbow Bridge. And to the family that loved them all, we offer our love and our heartfelt sympathy. If anyone has any words of comfort and encouragement for this family, we hope that you will share them…