Frankie in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Frankie has been adopted by the most amazing family!! He has a wonderful mom and dad, two human sisters, two doggie siblings and a kittie sister in his forever home. He will never get lonely with all that company. He is already very spoiled and loved as any Frenchie should be. FBV couldn’t be more excited for Frankie for finding his perfect forever!


Frankie is a handsome 3-year-old who was found on the side of the road. It appeared that he had been run over and was found to have numerous fractures from the incident. He came into the care of rescue via a good Samaritan.


From the trauma, he suffered from a left coxofemoral (CF) joint luxation (dislocation of the hip joint), left femur fracture [fracture of the femur (thigh) bone], right tibia fibula fracture [the tibia (shinbone) is the larger bone on the inside of the lower leg and the fibula (calf bone) is the smaller bone on the outside], and a toe fracture. The femoral fracture and tibial fracture were repaired, and a left CF open reduction was performed for the dislocated hip.


Also, while in foster care, Frankie was found to suffer from regurgitation. A gastropexy (procedure where the stomach is sutured to the diaphragm or abdominal wall) was performed to improve his regurgitation. He also had nares and palate surgery to help his breathing and the regurgitation issues.


He has no ongoing health issues and normal mobility at this time (though given his fractures he will be prone to developing arthritis as he ages) and is currently on no medications. However, he is on prescription food (ID Low Fat). Frankie also has cherry eye in both eyes. Despite treatment of the left cherry eye with a periorbital tacking (a single stitch is permanently placed drawing the gland back where it belongs), it still pops out on rare occasion but will go back in place with gentle massage.


Frankie is a total love bug and gets along with absolutely everything and everyone. He is super laid back but is willing to play when you are. His sweet face will bring a smile to your face each and every day. He is such a silly boy who likes to dance and trot around! Some things he loves are soft beds, stuffies, and Nylabones.


He would prefer a fenced yard in his new home, but this is not a requirement. He is house broken, crate trained, and leash trained. A stay-at-home parent is preferrable but if someone cannot be home with him throughout the day, midday visits would be nice to allow Frankie some lovins’ and a potty break.


This boy has been through so much and throughout it all has been amazing. He needs someone who will treat him with all the love he deserves after his horrible past. In return, he will give you lots of cuddles and will follow you everywhere...things he is a master at!