Frannie in GA– ADOPTED!!

Frannie has gone to her fur-ever home! She has wonderful new parents who fell in love with her immediately. She also has a new Frenchie sister who is 12 years old and is so happy to have a sibling. We have absolutely no doubt that this little girl will be very loved and spoiled. Congrats, Frannie, on finding your home!

Francesa (aka Frannie) is 6 years old. She was at risk of being sold for breeding by a backyard breeder while dealing with eye issues. Not wanting her to fall into another cycle of being used to produce puppies, she was taken in by a good Samaritan who has chosen to work with French Bulldog Village to help find her the best possible family.

Frannie is somewhat vision impaired and has severe dry eye to zero tear production - medication is helping but this will be a lifelong condition, and she will require the meds for the rest of her life. She is taking various eye medications (prescription tacrolimus/cyclosporine and ofaxacin as well as over the counter Optixcare lubricating eye gel) to try to stimulate her tear production and provide some level of relief. Frannie is very good about getting her eye drops (the tacrolimus/cyclosporine is 2X/day and the oflaxacin is every 4-6 hours ideally; the Optixcare lubricant can be given as often as 4 hours. She has a very faint grade 1 heart murmur that vet(s) did not feel warranted an echo as it is so difficult to hear - this will be a pre-existing condition as well for any health insurance.

In her foster home, she lives with small dogs and cats. She has never been around small children or large dogs. Frannie shows a little resource guarding behavior as she will growl if one of the resident dogs gets too close to a toy that she may have but she has never snapped. She is fed separately so that all 3 dogs in her foster home can eat in peace. Frannie doesn't really play with the other dogs, but she will sleep next to them. She has enjoyed the companionship of a dog savvy 12-year-old, spending a great deal of time sitting on the child’s lap.

Frannie adores people. She doesn't like sharp aggressive movements - possibly because her vision is slightly impaired as well as because of her past. Frannie is learning to walk on a leash with good progress but sometimes will stop and plant herself. Leash training is a work in progress. She was kept in an outdoor kennel/run by the backyard breeder and never was taught how to walk on a leash.

She is partially housebroken. She is good if you know and keep to her schedule as she needs to go out about every 3 hours - she does not know to "hold" it. She is better when someone is home with her than if she is left alone. She is gated with puppy pads when home alone as she does not know to go on the puppy pads if left in a larger area. Her foster home does note that she does not enjoy being crated.

Frannie is a true sweetheart who wants to be the center of attention. She loves snuggling and will wiggle her way onto your lap. She loves her stuffies and Nylabones and will flip a water bowl and carry it around as well (so all water bowls should be the non-flip kind unless you want to mop up water)! She does not like to be left behind and will cry when you leave - though she will settle down after a while. Her ideal person/family will have someone who is home (either retired or works from home) or can take her with them to the office/work. While Frannie is a little tentative in first meeting strangers, she quickly warms up to everyone if she is petted and paid attention. Frannie loves people after initial introductions and is good in an office setting as long as her person doesn't venture too far as she will then look for them. Her foster mom had her at her office for a week and everyone loved her.

Frannie spent her life without human attention and affection and is such a sweet and loving dog that she wants her person to be with her. She carries her stuffies and presents them to you for inspection. She is so very proud of herself! She'll hold one in her mouth and then try to talk if she's behind her gate when her foster mom is leaving the house. Frannie is a super sweet and super loving little Frenchie who deserves a wonderful family in her life. Despite being used by a backyard breeder as a puppy producer, she loves people and wants nothing more than a good cuddle and snuggle.