Garbanzo Bean in Florida– ADOPTED!

Given this unusual time of a pandemic, we decided that instead of placing Garbanzo Bubba...up for adoption that we would allow him to be officially adopted by his foster family. They have dedicated so much time and love to this little guy already through his short life. We are certain that this is where he should be forever. He is very loved and spoiled by his family and has thrived so well with them. Bubba is one lucky little boy to call his foster home his forever home. Congratulations Bubba!

UPDATE 4/20/2020:

Our little Garbanzo Bean still is extremely small. At 15 weeks, he only weighs 9.8 lbs. He is currently on daily medication for hydrocephalus. His neurological specialist wants to wait until he is 6 months old to re-evaluate him.

If you aren't familiar with hydrocephalus, it literally means “water on the brain.” The “water” is actually an excess of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that has leaked inside the skull, leading to brain swelling. CSF is the fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, providing both nutrients and protection. Buildup of CSF can occur in the brain if the flow or absorption of CSF is blocked or too much CSF is produced by the body. This leads to increased pressure within the skull that presses on the sensitive brain tissues. Increased intracranial pressure can lead to permanent, irreversible brain damage.

He is a sweet pup who gets very nervous and is extremely terrified of heights likely due to his depth perception being off as a result of his suspected hydrocephalus. His foster mom has tried every day to get him to eat more so he can grow but he has been quite unpredictable with food, some days refusing to eat and some days eating his fair share. He has also been working on potty training, but small puppy equals small bladder so it’s a slow process!

It took two weeks before his foster mom was able to get him to actually drink water and to eat on his own, but he has made great strides in his tiny little life. His foster mom (who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with hydro pups) will continue to spoil him rotten while he continues to work on his treatment and grow stronger!

Garbanzo Bean is a 7-week-old cutie FBV got an urgent call about saving. He is about 4 lbs and is suspected to have hydrocephalus. He came to us not eating and lethargic. We rushed him to the ER, and he was given dextrose and fluids. Bloodwork was taken and other than him being dehydrated, all bloodwork was normal. His fecal panel and parvo testing were also negative.

Banzo is still not drinking on his own or eating puppy food. However, he has been eating pureed baby food on his own. He has been playing some and loves his foster doggie siblings.

He is not yet ready for adoption....He will have quite the long road ahead of him as we work to properly diagnose his medical needs with a neurologist and other vets. He also will need to be neutered when he is older and strong enough.

Please stay tuned for updates on this little bean!