Gizmo in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Gizmo has been adopted by an amazing dad! He is an only dog, so he is getting all the attention to himself. Gizmo has settled into his new life well. He and his dad even enjoyed a weekend away at a lake house with friends and another dog. Gizmo did surprisingly well with the other pup which we are so happy to hear. Of course, he is loving all the people he meets and is living his best life! Congrats to Gizmo and his dad!

Gizmo is a handsome, little (he is only a whopping 17 lbs) 2-year-old gentleman who is ready to take on the new adventure of finding his forever home! His owners selflessly surrendered him when they started dealing with their own health problems. Poor little Gizmo was diagnosed with heart issues as a puppy, and they wanted to make sure he was in a stable home and provided with the utmost care.


Gizmo was seen by a Cardiologist and diagnosed with congenital severe pulmonary stenosis, a moderately dilated right atrium and severe right ventricular hypertrophy (thickening of the heart muscle). His left heart size and function were found to be normal and there were no signs of congestive heart failure. The Cardiologist said he is not an ideal surgical candidate, so his condition is being managed by medication. He is on the medicine Atenolol (0.75ml twice a day of 12.5 mg/ml compounded suspension; the cost is approximately $104 for a 2 1/2-month supply) daily and will require regular monitoring of his heart. Currently, he is showing no signs of heart problems, but this could change in the future, and sadly he will likely have a shorter life span.


He was also recently diagnosed with possible seasonal allergies. He is on 3.6 mg of Apoquel for his skin, ear and feet itchies. He is housebroken, crate trained, and leash trained. He also knows fetch and the following commands: sit, stay, down, leave it and come.


Gizmo needs to be an ONLY dog. While out and about he will scream at other dogs he sees. He does not do well with greeting dogs and has shown resource guarding with other animals over toys, laps, beds and high value chews. He will never be one who likes dogs. He is distrustful of small children so a home with older, dog savvy children will only be considered. Although Gizmo is not fond of dogs and small kids, he LOVES adult people and greets them enthusiastically. He really just wants someone to snuggle with him!


Gizmo is a couch potato…content to snooze on the sofa as long as he has a lap to keep him snug and warm. He does not require a fenced yard, but he will need daily low to medium intensity exercise to keep up his heart health. He is not to engage in strenuous activity. A few walks per day around the block is good enough for this little man. Gizmo would love someone to be home all day with him but would also do well being crated and let out at lunch time for a potty break as long as he gets extra attention in the evenings and on weekends.


He is a silly and sweet boy who loves to be picked up and held. He is also quite fond of lying on the couch on his back like a human. LOL! He is food motivated so learning new commands and tricks is pretty easy for Gizmo. He loves beef cheek chews and squeaky toys, too.


This sweet boy who absolutely adores people and cuddles has been through a lot of changes in his 2 years of life. He deserves a warm bed and a loving person with whom to spend the rest of his days!