Gnocchi in Maryland- ADOPTED!!

Gnocchi has been adopted by an amazing family! He has an awesome new mom and dad, two human sisters and one doggie sibling. He is adapting well to his new life and is already very much a part of the family. He keeps everyone laughing and smiling and made it on Santa’s “nice” list this year. Way to go, Gnocchi…you found your forever!!


This little dumpling is finally available again! Gnocchi was surrendered to the rescue due to behavioral issues, but with some extra boiling time, as well as Prozac and training, he is ready for his new home! There are a couple of very important things to know about Gnocchi. He is almost 1.5 years old and is a big boy at 32lbs. He does not like the vet and has a lot of fear aggression when going to the vet’s office. He has started muzzle training in his foster home which will need to be continued after being adopted. He has also been prescribed trazodone to be given before every vet visit. 


Gnocchi does not like to be crated. His foster home currently gates him in the kitchen, and he has been fine with this without causing any destruction. His foster family is also going to test how he does in an x-pen. He does do well crated in the car though and has traveled a lot.  


He has a strong stranger danger; new people should never be allowed to approach him or pet him while on walks/out in public. He will need a "no pet" harness to wear when he is out and about. He does not go after strangers but does not want to be touched or approached. He does okay when he is in the comfort of his own home and people enter, as long as they ignore him and give him his much deserved space.


Gnocchi’s ideal home would be with someone who understands his behavioral problems and has the patience to continue his training. He will need to stay within 2-4 hours of Maryland/DC area for continued support from his trainer. Once you have earned his love, he is a funny little guy and always down for playtime.


He is a very active boy and requires a lot of physical and mental stimulation. A fenced in yard is ideal, but not a must as long as he gets exercise regularly. He enjoys walks, but sometimes will get overly excited and will bark at other dogs on the walk. He loves going for hikes and car rides, and he has even been camping with his foster family.


He loves other dogs and would do best in a home with other dogs to keep him busy. However, if his fur friends are too tired to play with him, he will amuse himself with his toys. He would love to have a fur sibling his size or larger as he can be rough. Since he is so rough, we do not recommend homes with cats. He also would do well only with older human siblings due to his behavioral issues. 


Gnocchi is a silly boy and if off leash, will do "poop zoomies" after he has done his business and run the yard like a crazy pup. He also makes a huffing/snuffel noise when he wants hugs and will press his head against you for attention.