Gucci Porkchop in California- ADOPTED!

Gucci Porkchop has an amazing forever family! She has a new mom, dad, two human brothers and a doggie sister. Her family is very experienced with rescue dogs. They also have experience with Frenchies. We couldn’t ask for a better home for Gucci. We know that she is in great hands and will receive the best care and love from her family!


Greetings from sunny California! My name is Gucci Porkchop and I’m looking for my forever home!


I am an outgoing, fun-loving, spunky 3-year-old, 26-pound showstopper. I came into the rescue after a Good Samaritan rescued me but realized I made them sneeze. They contacted The Village and Voila….here I am!


My foster mom says I have yeasty paws (AKA Frito Feet!). The topical wipes are really helping me to not lick my feet. My face folds (I’m too young to have wrinkles) are also being cleaned with wipes to help clear up a bit of dermatitis I have. No one is sure if I have allergies because my skin/fur is beautiful.


I’ve been spayed (which made me a little nauseated) but I was back to my normal self in a few days. I have a grade 1 (of 4) patellar luxation in both back legs, but that doesn’t stop me from being a stellar walker! Foster mom has someone trim my nails because they’re dark and it makes it hard to give me a pedicure.


I like to take my time to eat. Foster mom thinks I could benefit from adding some pumpkin to my food to help “firm things up”, if you know what I mean. Oh, and don’t try hiding pills in my food. I am onto you. That’s not gonna fly. I will find it and spit it out. Your pill hiding skills had better be better than my pill finding skills.


I like all dogs and people. I even like the little humans. I like to put my paws on you, but I don’t want anyone to think that I am trying to push the little humans down. That’s not my intention. Nor is my intention to get so darn excited when I see other dogs and run towards them. I’m just so excited! I used to get so excited I’d pee when I met a new person but that hasn’t happened in so long. I like to play but not when the play gets too rough. What’s that about? Seems a bit unnecessary and loud. I prefer stuffed toys and things to carry in my mouth. So I hope if I have a fur sibling, they like to share.


I loveeeee walks. I’m working on walking on that string thing though. That seems to help get out my energy. I really love my naps that follow those walks. I just like spending time with my people. I like it when my people scratch my belly too. If I get walks, I’d be OK in an apartment or condo. That being said, I am clumsy when it comes to stairs and have missed a few a couple times now. I don’t want to accidentally hurt myself so I would need help in avoiding those things! I’m not a barker. I’ve been known to eat grass so if I have a yard, it’s best if there are not a bunch of chemicals on it. Like a salad without dressing.


My potty training is coming along splendidly - especially when I’m on a schedule. I will pee on concrete or grass. I don’t care! Foster mom said I am crate trained. I have a ton of unconditional love to give. I’ll even walk with you to your bathroom. You’ll never have to pee alone again!