Hambone & Frenchesca in Florida— ADOPTED!!


Bones and Fresca have gone to their fur-ever home! It is such a wonderful home, too. They have fantastic new parents, 3 human siblings, and a doggie sibling. They are already very loved and spoiled. We are so happy that such a great family adopted this bonded pair and know that they will provide them with the best lives ever.


Hambone (Bones) and Frenchesca (Fresca) are both 6 years old and a BONDED pair. They had the same owner since they were puppies and are from the same litter. Their owner was no longer able to provide the care they needed for their allergies which vet records reveal they have had their entire lives. Both suffer from severe allergies and require special care, including hydrolyzed protein dog food, to keep ahead of the allergic reactions and secondary infections they acquire.

For their health, a home with few environmental allergens and no harsh chemicals used would be best. A home with no yard and walks on a leash or a yard with minimal mulch, plants, pollen, stones, seeds, etc. is also desired. They would be fine in a home without children, but they have so much fun when kids come over to the foster home that their foster mom feels they would love a home with children.

They require someone who is home all day or who can take them to work...or someone who can provide them with a midday potty break. Both pups are crate trained and leash trained. They are crated when their foster family leaves the home. They could likely be in a gated area, but they get into things and Fresca will sometimes excessively lick Hambone.

Here is some separate information on each of the dogs:

Bones: Bones had fur on only about 50% of his body and was 10 pounds underweight when he came into rescue. His allergies have resulted in stomach issues which have been helped with probiotics. He will also likely continue to have joint issues but was allergic to the joint supplement and fish oil his foster family tried. He has a history of demodex mange, but this was not the cause of his more recent hair loss. He, like Fresca, has a history of ear infections as well. Bones has and will continue to have more health problems than Fresca.

He has a strong prey drive and will eat lizards. He has attacked a stray cat in the yard of his foster home with the resident dog. They had to be separated and while the cat was just fine, Bones and foster dad did end up with some scratches. Bones will require at least a 5-day slow intro with other dogs and might challenge a dominant dog.

The first few days in foster care he was not happy with a slow intro and chewed at the baby gate that was set up. He was able to meet the resident dog after about 5 days. He will still get yippy with her, though, when she is cowering from fireworks or storms. He is reactive to other dogs at the vet...he has not been in contact with the other dogs but when he can’t get to them, he will nip at Fresca’s face. Bones loves kids but the doorbell ringing on Halloween set him off. He tried to jump up at the kids’ hands despite there being a baby gate...after this he was confined with a second gate to the hall. He is still a bit reactive to the doorbell but getting better. Bones may never be a dog that can be taken to events and to restaurants.

He is not able to jump up on furniture and should not be allowed to jump down. He absolutely loves people as well as car rides and walks. He and Fresca are fed separately in kennels because Bones is a faster eater. He has a terrific snore when he sleeps in your lap. He and Fresco have been more playful as they get healthier...wrestling and playing tug with toys. He is often stuck to his foster mom like glue and wants to sit in her office chair with her.

Bones is only partially house broken, but he is doing really well. He can only go for 4 hours or so during the day without a potty break but can go up to 10 hours at night so maybe he could show some improvement during daytime hours. His foster mom recommends using a belly band at first until he can be better trusted in his forever home to potty outside. He will moan at the door but not always to go potty...sometimes it is just to go lie in the sun. He loves lying in the sun so he would enjoy a home with a sunny spot.

Bones likes to chew organic things (even plants, stones, sticks, wood chips) whether appropriate or not. He also likes squeaky toys, antlers and ice cubes. He is usually the first one up in the morning. He will go out to potty; then wants to go back to bed and cuddle in the big people bed. He is so loving and adoring and loves to sit with his head on your lap or chest.

Fresca: Due to her allergies, Fresca will likely need to be on Apoquel or similar meds for life. Her issues are less severe than Hambones. She has had a couple instances of stomach upset with vomiting and not wanting to eat her food but none lately. She has a history of ear infections and UTIs and will need ongoing allergy monitoring.

Her prey drive is not as strong as Bone's so a forever home will be selected by his needs more so than hers. An anhinga was outside, and Fresca smelled its wing but didn’t attack. Bones was too slow to get involved before it flew away which was good.

Fresca was pretty lethargic when she first came into rescue because of her skin issues. Now she and Bones play and wrestle, and she will play bow with her foster family and roll over for belly rubs. She picks up on the energy of the house. If the foster family has a lazy weekend, she is super chill. If they have friends and kids over, she is up for games and shenanigans. She also loves to go on walks.

Fresca will cuddle and give kisses in bed. She loves to raid the toy basket...she loves squeaky and plastic toys. She also enjoys antlers and ice cubes. She is a sweet, pretty easy-going girl...just somewhat stubborn. Her previous owner said if she is being stubborn to say, “Now,” and it works! She also knows the commands “kennel,” “don’t eat it,” and “breakfast.”

Frenchesca is only partially housebroken... She was 100% but as Bone's has been able to go longer without the need to potty, she has started to recently have accidents in the house. However, this has improved since the foster family has been taking her out more. Fresca does not have a signal to be let out so she will require scheduled potty breaks. She also dawdles and lollygags rather than getting down to business when let outside.

Hambone and Frenchesca deserve to be the happiest of pups and to be as healthy as can be. If you feel you can provide this wonderful pair of pups a loving, caring home, please apply.