Hank in Missouri– ADOPTED!!

Hank has been adopted by a wonderful new dad!! He also has two new doggie siblings with whom he already loves. He loves to play and nap with them as well as with his dad. We couldn’t be happier for this amazing family!  

Hank is a spry fellow at 2 years old. He was surrendered to the Village because of his high prey drive and an unfortunate incident with some neighbor’s chickens and ducks. Because of this, Hank would not be suited for a home with cats or any other non-dog small animals. He does get along with his foster dog siblings, but it took him a long time to assimilate to his new environment. He is looking for a furever family that understands that he needs to adjust on his on schedule and will allow him the space he needs.


Hank is a very playful dog—he loves to run and play. Hank would prefer to have a new home with a big yard he can run in. Inside he wants to be near his people. He gets along with all ages of people. He formerly lived with a 2-year-old human and they got along famously. He does get a bit rambunctious so he would be best in a home with children older than toddler age because he could easily knock a little one down.


Hank is crate trained but prefers not to be in his crate. He knows how to sit and leave it. He is great at giving high fives and shaking your hand so he can have his Nylabone (he loves to chew).


Hank does have some mild allergies and had an incidence of cherry eye in December. It has gone away but could reoccur and could need surgery if that happens. For his allergies, he chews his feet occasionally. It hasn’t required intervention yet, but his allergies could increase as he ages (like many Frenchies), so his new home should be prepared for management of these allergies in the future.