Hanna in Florida— ADOPTED!!

Hanna has been adopted and is excited to start a new life with her wonderful furever family! She has an amazing mom and dad and a 10-year-old calm, submissive Frenchie brother with whom to spend her days. We couldn’t be happier for Hanna and her new family. We wish them all the best!


Hanna is a beautiful 8-year-old Frenchie who was surrendered to French Bulldog Village by a loving family when an elderly family member who was allergic to her moved into their home. She has Addison's disease, but it is very well managed. She requires .5 mg of prednisone daily and a monthly injection (.8 mL) of Percorten. She has been living a full and happy life with this course of treatment. The estimated monthly cost for her Addison's disease medications is around $100 depending on the pricing of the veterinary clinic she will be seeing.

Hanna is a happy, snuggle bug, trash can digging, toy flaunting gal. She is easy going and friendly. She is not much of a barker/talker and is partially housebroken. Due to the Addison's disease, she sometimes leaks in her crate overnight or when left in the crate longer than she can hold. For this reason, she will require frequent potty breaks. Hanna also gets VERY excited when it's time to put on her leash. She will jump up and down with joy. She likes riding in the car and does so without issue. She knows the commands "sit" and "down" and needs her forever family to have a fenced yard.

Hanna is a dominant pup and does not back down when she feels threatened or challenged. She also sometimes is the instigator. She and her bossy foster dog sibling get into or attempt to get into a squabble at least once a day. She does not like or do well with other dominant dogs and will need to be an ONLY dog. She is well behaved on her own, though. She loves to snuggle and give kisses, as well as play tug and eat. Hanna loves to chew on Nylabones, especially the colorful keys that she stole from her foster sibling. She does not really like to or need to be outside very much...she would much rather stay indoors. 

She loves her people and does not want to share as she will be 9 years old in August and wants to be the only gal around. She wants all the snuggles and kisses to herself. Hanna is BIG on kisses. She will lick every millimeter of her foster mom's feet and legs and sometimes start over again when she's done. She is a hoot when she does this! She needs to have access to plenty of water and multiple potty breaks each day in her forever home. She needs someone who can be home all day with her. She would also do well going to work with her new owner. She has gone to work with her foster mom each day since having her, and she does great with the people she meets.

Hanna is a sweet and loving girl. She deserves the best life that someone can offer. Her happiness is unparalleled, and all she wants to do is share it with people that love her back. If she sounds like the perfect pup for you, please apply!