Harley in Florida– ADOPTED!!

Harley has been adopted by an amazing couple! He is living it up with 2 doggie siblings and is getting lots of love from his new parents. He has a nice, fenced yard to play in and someone home with him all day. He is one lucky fella!

Harley is a handsome 4.5-year-old male who was surrendered to the Village by a loving family due to his medical needs. Harley has IVDD with his second surgery done January 2021. Since being in foster care, he has experienced no issues related to his IVDD, but he does have the potential for problems in the future.


He currently lives with another dog and cat. He is submissive to the resident female dog. She is definitely the boss, and he is fine with that. He stays away from the cat, showing no interest in her at all. He gets along with all humans but does like to jump so children 10+ would be best.


Harley is laid back most of the time and loves to lie on his side and snore. He does not show any real interest in toys or playing but will play a bit with the resident female while lying on his side. He likes short walks, lying in the grass sunbathing, and doing zoomies every so often. He also enjoys chewing on bones.


He is housebroken (and will whine when he needs to go out), crate trained, and leash trained. He would prefer a home with a fenced yard, but this is not a requirement. He also does not require a stay-at-home doggie parent. He does, however, require a family who is educated on IVDD. He will need to avoid jumping and stairs and has the potential to have IVDD flare-ups in the future. He has had two surgeries for his IVDD already in his 4 years of life.


Harley has shown no food or toy aggression while in foster care. However, he does have a dislike of being redirected from things he shouldn’t be near with feet when the person redirecting him is wearing shoes. He has not escalated to biting, but he has shown some aggression in response to this type of redirection. When disciplined with a firm no, he responds well. When he does need direction to stay or move away from something, his foster family tells him to “stay” or gently directs him with their hands. He shows no aggression to feet in general. He just doesn’t enjoy when feet with shoes are an obstacle between him and something he wants.


Harley loves to give kisses and be with his humans. He also likes being lazy! He would love a quiet, laid-back home and a family who will care for him with gentle hands given his IVDD. He really has been through a lot and needs people who will understand him, show him love and appreciate him.