Harper in Florida— ADOPTED!!

We are over the moon for Harper and his new family. Harper is fitting in beautifully in his forever home. As you can see from the photos, it was love at first sight for everyone. Harper not only has a young boy to play with in his new family, he also has a fur sibling named Roxie. Roxie and Harper already love playing with each other. We cannot wait to see the fun Harper has on the rest of his journey!

Harper is a sweet boy who was surrendered to French Bulldog Village in late November after being hit by a car. Harper sustained injuries from the accident and required surgery to repair a sacrifice-iliac luxation of his right hip. He has been diagnosed with lateral patellar luxation of his knees, potentially secondary to the trauma of being hit by the car. He requires joint supplements and possibly may need surgery in the future to repair one if not both knees. Harper has also been diagnosed with entropion. He will need lubrication drops applied to his eyes indefinitely and may require surgery in the future.

He loves playing tug-of-war with the other dogs in his foster home. He also enjoys chewing on plush toys. His all-time favorite thing, though, is his Benebones/Nylabones. Harper currently resides with two other dogs who are also relatively dominant. Occasionally a spat has broken out, but Harper recovers well. Usually the spats have involved some words being exchanged that weren’t taken well, but once the spat is broken up, Harper will readily go play tug-of-war or run around with the resident Frenchie. He has no food aggression. He would completely let the resident dogs go right into his dish if they lacked the manners in giving him his space. Treats can be given to all the pups in the foster home without issue. He also does not have any overt toy aggression, but he and one resident dog have had a few spats while playing tug-of-war and keep away. However, Harper can be redirected when overstimulated.

Crating is a problem for Harper….he absolutely hates to be crated!! He can be left alone just fine but does not want to be confined outside of the normal doors of the house. He can be lazy but also loves to play. His favorite spot is the couch; in fact, moving him when he’s at rest is a feat because he likes to act like a limp noodle. He loves cuddles. He knows sit, lay down (which he usually rolls on his back for), get down, come and drop it. His foster mom doesn’t foresee him winning any honors awards in puppy school, but he is motivated enough to learn some more commands and tricks. He doesn’t beg…really…but once given something while you’re eating food or in the kitchen, he catches on quick. He loves fresh green beans, cucumber and carrots for a refreshing little treat.

Harper would love a forever home with a fellow housemate with whom he can play and a small yard or porch for sunbathing. He would be fine with apartment living as long as he can sunbathe on the lanai. He also would love a family who will allow him to be a family member and sleep on the bed and couch. He would really enjoy, too, a family who will take him out socially to assist in extinguishing his reactive behaviors. A household with too much chaos and stimulation may be too much for Harper.

Harper will need someone who will continue to work with his quirks and understand the orthopedic and ocular issues he may have to face in the upcoming years. Going through the trauma of being hit by a car and losing his family was quite an emotional experience for Harper. He became reclusive upon being surrendered to the Village. His foster mom has been so thrilled to see him come out of his shell and show off his personality…it has been a constant source of smiles. Because he has just learned how to be a dog again, he deserves a loving home and family. There are so many things that he has yet to experience and although he needs some medical TLC, he has a lot to give back. He is a complete and utter love bug!!

If you feel you can manage Harper’s medical issues and personality quirks, please submit an adoption application on this handsome fella!