Haylie in GA– ADOPTED!!

Yay for Haylie…she is now home! She has been adopted by an amazing mom. She also has a new kittie sibling. We are absolutely thrilled that this senior girl has found her forever home and can spend the rest of her days being completely spoiled and loved. Way to go, Haylie!

Haylie is a beautiful senior girl who was lovingly surrendered by a family member when her person passed away. We don’t know much about Haylie’s past or any of her medical history. Since coming to FBV, Haylie has been diagnosed with dry eye, lost an eye due to an ulcer and glaucoma, was spayed, had a malignant mammary tumor removed, and a growth from inside her ear removed. She also has some skin allergies, but those are managed well with a raw diet and medicated baths. Haylie requires eye drops (Cyclosporine) two times a day in her remaining eye and will need them for the rest of her life. She sees pretty well and doesn’t have any trouble getting around aside from bumping into things occasionally. It seems that the worst is behind her now and she’s ready to begin her new life! Haylie is house trained, but sometimes needs to be strongly encouraged—or carried—outside during cold rainy weather.


During warm weather, Haylie wants to be outside a good bit. Her ideal home would be one that would allow for her to have several hours a day of supervised time outdoors. Due to her short legs, bow-legged stature and limited eyesight, a single-story home would be best. Haylie really struggles with steps, and they are a potential hazard for her. Aside from time exploring the yard, Haylie enjoys a casual morning or evening stroll around the block and really looks forward to getting out of the house and going places. She loves car rides! When she’s not outside defending the yard, Haylie likes to spend time curled up in a comfy bed in a sunny spot—unless it’s close to breakfast, dinner or walk time—then she stays close by to make sure she doesn’t miss out! Mealtimes are her absolute favorite part of the day. She gets so excited to eat that she does a cute little spin right before you put her bowl down.


She has an incredibly sweet and easy-going personality. Haylie isn’t clingy and does enjoy time alone in her own space. She gets along great with cats and, for the most part, with her Frenchie foster sister. It’s unknown how she is with larger dogs. Haylie isn’t one to instigate a fight, but she and her foster sister have gotten into some pretty scary ones. It’s recommended that Haylie be an only dog or live with a dog sibling that has never shown any aggression toward other dogs. She loves both kids and adults and enjoys getting attention—especially when it involves being scratched behind her ears or under her chin. Given the opportunity, she just wants to flop around in your lap and be adored.


When you meet Haylie, you just know that she's a very special girl. She has the sweetest, most loving disposition and can look right into your soul. Based on her physical appearance, you can tell she has had a hard life and faced some challenges. She has so much love to give and deserves the very best for her remaining years.